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About Author: We are a supplier of skincare equipment and topicals to the professional sector. Our aim is to improve clinical treatment outcomes by offering the only skincare line specifically designed for micro-needling.

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Maximize Your Microneedling Treatments with These Microneedling Post Care Tips

If you’ve invested the time and effort into getting skin resurfacing treatments done, such as microneedling, you want to follow through with excellent post care in-between sessions. Give your skin the best chance to recover by protecting and pampering it, so you reap the full benefits of microneedling results and can achieve optimal treatment outcomes. […]

5 Naturally-Derived Skincare Ingredients for Problematic Skin

Some patients may not have this on the top of their mind, but topical skincare ingredients that accompany microneedling procedures are just as important as the procedure itself to help achieve optimal treatment outcomes. The ultimate formulas are hydrating and contain replenishing correctives, such as peptides, multivitamins, and antioxidant-rich, organically-sourced botanicals, that are carefully chosen […]

Are Wrinkles Inevitable or Can You Prevent Them?

While you can’t turn back the clock on your chronological age, you can effectively slow down and reduce the signs of intrinsic and extrinsic aging. So, what does that mean? There are a few factors that cause skin to look wrinkled. Keep in mind that after about the age of 20, you start to produce […]

4 of the Best Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Treatments for Your Skin

Eventually skin gets worn by time, sun exposure, and life in general. Our faces tell a story of where we’ve been. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with owning your story, there’s a growing population of women and men who want to put their best face forward. After all, your skin is a reflection of vitality […]

Medical Skin Procedures Designed to Tackle Acne

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to treating acne. Those who have stubborn acne or scarring have likely tried everything from prescription medications to topical creams to corrective skincare products to clinical procedures. If you are someone with stubborn acne and scarring, talk to your dermatologist about the best course of action for […]

The Importance of Microneedling Pre & Post Care Products

As with any cosmetic skin procedure, it’s important to know how to care for your skin properly before and after a microneedling treatment to achieve the best outcomes. Much of this care involves choosing the right products for your skin. Microneedling is a powerful, minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that’s designed to help improve the […]

A Few Facts & FAQs About Microneedling for Patients

If someone is considering getting microneedling treatments to improve their skin’s appearance, they probably have some questions they need answered before arriving to their appointment for the procedure. To help explain how the process works, here are some frequently asked questions regarding medical microneedling—a skin rejuvenating procedure that involves fine needles puncturing the top layers […]

The Basics and Benefits of Microneedling

For people who’ve tried all of the latest serums and creams on the market to address their skin issues, but simply are not getting their desired outcome, there’s another option. It’s a procedure called microneedling. As the name implies, in a microneedling procedure tiny needles are used to create small punctures in the top layer […]