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Name: Dr. Antoniou Constantinos
About Author: Dr. Antoniou Constantinos is a renowned orthopaedic specialist who has got years of specialization in hand and micro surgery, total knee replacement and many more. It is an acclaimed platform that has helped many people to get the right information about the best health center present in Cyprus. It is a trusted platform to get all the needed information about the prominent health centers present in Cyprus no matter if it is a physiotherapist or an orthopedic surgeon Nicosia Gesy.

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Things to Do and Avoid After Getting Orthopedic Surgery

Sooner or later, you might need to see an orthopedic surgeon in your life. Why? It’s because joint pain and bone-related problems can strike at any time. No, don’t get scared. We know ankle and joint pain sound a little scary because if you know about the best orthopedic doctor in Nicosia (ορθοπεδικός γιατρός στη […]

Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

You know a funny thing about the human body. It’s that we have more than 300 bones and joints in our body. However, if just one of them is not functioning properly, we could feel tremendous pain. So, what should be done in this situation? Well, the answer is visiting an orthopedic doctor. That’s right! […]

Choose the Right Doctor or Clinic on a Leading Online Platform

Have you been planning to visit Cyprus sometime soon? Or maybe you are moving to Cyprus for work or study? No matter the reason for your move to Cyprus, you must be prepared to face all the challenges during your stay in the country. These challenges include but are not limited to finding accommodation, medical […]

Tips to Choose the Right Orthopedic Doctor for Professional Medical Treatment

When you are suffering from a medical condition, you need immediate medical attention. Especially when you are experiencing pain in your joints or bone for a long time, you must get in touch with an orthopedician Nicosia. We understand that choosing an orthopedician is difficult because it might be your first time experiencing such excruciating […]

Get Help From Best Orthopedic In Cyprus for Your Health

When you are on a vacation with your friends, you want to try out all the sport activities, going to all adventurous places and having the most amazing time of your life. But this does not mean you do not take care of your health. When you are on a vacation, you lose control on […]

Find the Best Orthopedic Doctor through Online Platforms

Whenever we hear of knee or joint pain, we think that only elder people suffer from such a problem since their bones do not remain strong when they grow old. But, the truth is that even we can suffer from these severe muscles and joint pains. And to the severe joint pain, it is extremely […]

Search for the Best Orthopedic Through Certified Platform

You might have seen that most elderly people deal with problems like knee and neck pain. This is because, as they grow old, their bones do not remain that strong. But, do you know that even you can deal with the same problem although you are young? Today, knee and neck pain is not a […]

Find the Best Orthopedic in Time Though Certified Platform

Imagine that you are sitting and watching your favorite T.V. show. After a while, when the show ends, you get up from the couch to go to your room. But, as soon as you get up, you feel a sudden pain in your knee. Because of this, you are not able to sit or walk […]

Take the Help of Reputed Medical Platform for Curing Joint Pain

Imagine that you are going on a morning walk. The fresh breeze, rustle of leaves, chirping of birds and the colorful flowers are making your day. While you are enjoying the view while strolling in the park, you get a sudden pain in your knee. Due to the pain, you are neither able to walk […]

Find the Best Orthopedic Doctor for Speedy Recovery

Bones make the functional structure of our body and are one of the most important yet the most neglected parts of our body. It is important that you visit an orthopedic doctor, who is a bone specialist if you face any kind of a pain in the bones or have an injury that wouldn’t heal. […]