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How to Connect Smartphone with Xbox One

Smartphone apps are one of the best companions in our day-to-day life. They connect us with the world, provide entertainment, and help us complete various regular tasks. If you are a gaming freak with an Xbox, you have something interesting in your smartphone too. And, that is Microsoft’s dedicated Xbox app, which helps you stay […]

How to Check RAM Usage on Computers and Phones

In the Smartphone, each app uses some space of RAM. While multitasking the RAM usage will become high, and hence this will affects the device performance. You can check the RAM status of your device to see how much is used and how much is free. Here is how to check the RAM Usage of […]

What to Do If Your Home Internet Does Not Perform Well

Wireless interference, broadband router, and many other technical issues are going to affect the stability and speed of the net connection. Get to know about those issues and fix them accordingly that slows down your net connection. Check the settings of your router for speeding up the connection of your net The main center of […]

What is Pinterest and How to Use it?

No one is there who is unaware of Pinterest. If you haven’t used it till now, you must have heard about it. You must have read about it on the internet. It is one of the most common elements on the network these days. Most of the people are there on Pinterest, and everyone praises […]

6 Best Detective Camera Applications for 2019

Spying, the term itself isn’t liberating, it sounds sneaky, but there are some good reasons that you would like to do it for. There can be specific reasons that you want to do it for, for example- keeping track of your children, ensuring your kid’s safety, knowing about the service provider, etc. Know about the […]

How To Speed Up A Slow Laptop?

Are you annoyed with the slow working of your laptop? It doesn’t matter if it is new or old, a Windows computer or a MacBook. The thing that is to be noted is that it is very irritating to use a slow laptop. This issue can spoil our lovely day as well. Computer virus The […]

How To Solve Netflix Error Ui-113 Problem?

People may see a Netflix error code Ui-113 whenever Netflix application cannot connect with your devices such as on smartphones, laptops or PC. The reasons behind this issue can be related to your home network or internet connection. It can even get displayed when the service of Netflix is down. Netflix error code Ui-113 solutions […]

How To Set Up Find My iPhone?

People store a lot of personal information on their iPhone. And they get anxious when they lose their device. Fortunately, there is an option of setting up ‘Find My iPhone’ that should be turned on before your iPhone gets stolen or is lost. It will increase the chances of getting back your iPhone. By using […]

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet

In case you find that your personal detail is displaying on the Internet, then delete the data immediately by requesting the webmaster. Some of your information remains the same on the internet after deleting from the search results and if you want to know how to delete yourself from the internet, then you need to […]

How to Charge Your Kindle by Using Wall Adapter

Kindle is a small and a handy electronic gadget which allows you to read different types of books. The developer of Kindle is “Amazon.” Kindle can be charged with the help of both the Universal Serial Bus cable and a computer. Steps to charge a Kindle through a system Search the “Kindle’s Charge Cable.” You […]