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Top 5 Best Tripods For DSLR Cameras Of 2019

Wondering what the best DSLR tripods of 2019 are? Today we are going to talk about just that. As we all know that tripods are used for both still and motion photography to prevent camera fluctuation. These tripods are much needed when the slow speed exposures are being captured. When the high focal length lenses […]

6 Best Comic Readers for Android in 2019

Comic book enthusiasts can read comics on their smartphone as well. There are plenty of great apps that are made for reading different comics only. You can either get a subscription service for reading various types of comics or access the digital comics that are saved on your PC through the dedicated comic readers. These […]

6 Best Android Apps to Use Without Internet

Life without the internet is even unimaginable these days. But, still, there are situations or places where we can’t access the internet at all. It is better to find apps that will work for you even when you are offline. A lot of apps, nowadays, come with a dedicated offline mode too. Check out these […]

How to Troubleshoot Windows Update Error Code 0x80080005?

Windows Update error code 0x80080005 is the alpha-numeric code indicate about the Windows 10 Update error which can simply terminate the installation of Windows 10, thus, its Creator Update or the latest Windows 10 April 2018 update. Though the system can do their task without even receiving the latest updates; it sometimes becomes slow, unstable, […]

5 Best Astronomy Apps For Stargazers

Looking at the stars in the dark sky seems quite soothing and full of relaxation. While gazing at the stars, we often get lost in our thoughts, and it gives us a chance to get a glimpse of thoughts we have been ignoring for a while. Whether it’s someone’s habit or profession, I have shortlisted […]

How to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords

It is a safe practice to change passwords on a regular practice. Cybercrime is on a rise and social media accounts get compromised all the time. So, you have to protect your accounts, and here are some steps to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords. Facebook on mobile Here is the process of changing the […]

How to Customize Desktop Icons on Windows?

Everyone wants a unique and attractive desktop, and customizing your icons is an excellent way to make your computer attractive. It is easy to download and create desktop icons for your PC. There are numbers of sites like IconArchive, DeviantArt, and Iconfinder from where  you can download your favorite icons easily. So, here are some […]

Top 5 Best Scanner Apps For Android in 2019

Wondering what could be the most useful Android apps for scanning documents? Well, today we are going to discuss just that. The default system camera app is not suitable for scanning documents. The scanner apps work by adding a document filter to a photo and converting a captured document into a PDF file. There are […]

Top 5 Best Instant Cameras in 2019

Top 5 Best Instant Cameras in 2019 Want to take instant images from your camera? Instant photo printing cameras are no less than a miracle. Many people love to get an instant hard copy of their captured photos. I love these cameras too, because a hard copy of your best photos can be gifted to […]

5 Best Places to Buy Smartphones in 2019

There are tons of places to buy phones, but how you would you know that you are buying from a trusted and safe dealer? What are the best places to buy Smartphones and basic phones online and offline? Today we are going to discuss just that. So let’s get started: Amazon Best Sellers We know […]