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How to Reorganize Applications on your iPhone?

Over time, the iPhone’s screen tends to clutter up, especially when you keep downloading apps without organizing them. Thankfully, you can customize the screen however you want and reorganize apps. Read on and learn how to do so. Modify Your Home Screen Wallpaper If you want to modify your home screen wallpaper, then you need […]

How to Search, Download and Use Google Fonts

Tired of writing and creating documents with the same regular fonts? Choose from hundreds of font families, write your documents, and create your website with the font style you want. These fonts can be used in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well as in Chrome. Google has made Google Fonts library available with around […]

How to Download, Install, and Play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Want to play one of the most famous battle royale game “Fortnite” on your Nintendo console. That’s simple, just head to your Nintendo eShop and download Fortnite for free. Once you get the Fortnite on your Switch, you will be ready to play the game, even with your Nintendo Switch friends. In this article, you’ll […]

How to Crop, Rotate, and Straighten in Photos for iPad & iPhone?

Most of the time, while capturing the photo, we don’t use common features of our iPhone camera to take a perfect picture. So, Apple gives you the best editing app on your iOS device called the Photos app. With this app, you can rotate, crop, straighten, and also modify the aspect ratio of your image. […]

How to Create and Add Members into Nintendo Switch Family Group

If you have more than one member in the family who wants to access the Nintendo Switch Online services, then you should go for Nintendo Switch Online Family membership. You can get it in less than the cost of two plans, as well as get even more than the Individual membership. For a group of […]

How to Control Amazon Fire TV Stick with Android or iOS Smartphone

Want to change the channel or play a game but unable to find your Fire TV Stick remote or it has suddenly stopped working? No need to worry, use your Fire tablet, Android, or iOS Smartphone to control your Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick remote has a compact size with excellent working […]

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Account?

LinkedIn is used by several people across the globe. LinkedIn Premium subscription offers a number of perks. But you may want to switch back to the basic version as the chances of premium accounts getting exploited by cybercriminals are much more. Whatever the reason may be, here is how you can cancel your LinkedIn premium account […]

How to Block Someone on Tumblr?

Tumblr is a popular social networking platform and it is also used for micro blogging. If you do not like someone on Tumblr and want to prevent them from checking your profile, you can block them. Let’s explore the process of blocking someone on Tumblr. Block Somebody you Follow If you want to block someone […]

How to Fix Something Went Wrong When Trying to Use Squarespace

Some Squarespace users are complaining that they are facing “something went wrong when trying to use Squarespace” error on their Windows PC. If you are one of them, then go through the instructions mentioned below. Here’s how to fix something went wrong when trying to use Squarespace Go through the antivirus software on the Windows […]

How to Fix Pending Downloads on Google Play

Downloading an application from your Google Play Store is an easy process. But some users are facing problems while they try to download any application on their smartphone. In case you are getting ‘Pending download on Google Play’ error on your smartphone, then you can easily fix this error by following the instructions mentioned below. […]