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How to Allow Chrome to Access the Network in the Firewall?

There are times when even the best browsers like Google Chrome show an error. One such problem is to allow Chrome access to the network within the Firewall. If you are one of those users who are looking for the methods, then read the below-written ways to fulfil your purpose. Add Chrome to Windows Firewall […]

Forgot Android Pin, Pattern or Password? Here is the Solution

Almost every phone has lock features to secure your device from an unknown person. Android secure your phones with Pattern, Pin and Password, as well as new Android device, has finger and face detecting features to secure your phone. If your touch ID does not work in your device, then you can use your Pin, […]

How to Change FaceTime Caller ID on iPhone and iPad

When you call someone through a Face Time call on an iPhone or iPad device, the person who receives your request can see the caller ID. It includes your Phone Number or Email ID that you are using with your device. If they save your contact, they know who you are, but they don’t have […]

Birds of Prey 2: DC Characters Who Should Make An Appearance

If DC decides to make Birds of Prey 2, then several characters deserve to appear in the sequel. Birds of Prey(And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) was released on Feb 7 but didn’t do well on the box office even though the reviews were positive. Despite the dismal performance of Birds of Prey […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S20: A Make or Break Moment for 5G

Samsung has already announced its plan to launch the Galaxy S20, and soon the company will launch it. It seems that millions of consumers will purchase the newly launched  Galaxy S20, and it is likely that the question will be raised about the standards of the recently launched 5G network. It is sure to ask […]

How to Manage Clipboard Settings on Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new feature for Windows 10 named “Clipboard Settings” to manage and adjust clipboard history through an interface window provided by Microsoft. This features offers various functions to perform any task by copying the past copied item. Users can paste that item by navigating the clipboard page even if the clipboard text is […]

Destiny 2: Guide to Empyrean Foundation Event

“Destiny 2” is free to play online game produced by “Bungie”, and the company puts various interesting features such as sci-fi fiction and various actions and adventures. It’s a first shooter game that was released specially for Xbox and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. The story of this game sets in the multi-playing shared environment having […]

Zombie Army 4 Dead War: How Long Does It Takes to Beat the Game?

In the first week of February, Rebellion Developments has launched one of the most fascinating survival zombie shooting game. The Zombie Army 4 is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation. It is the sequel to the Trilogy of Zombie Army that was launched in 2015. Similar to the event of the first game, […]

How to Fix SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error in Windows 10

In a Windows operating system, SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE arises mostly at the time of closing or launching a program. The affected systems also get 0x000000DA bug check code that specifies a PTE routine has been utilized in the improper way. Plus, the PC also encounters random restart to minimize the effect of damage to the operating system. […]

Best 10 Streaming Shows on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+

The Disney+ plus bundle, which includes Hulu and ESPN+ is all set to prove its worth in the war of streaming services by announcing a vast content and appealing shows. The Disney+ bundle is giving fierce competition to other existing streaming services by rolling out many new shows and web series adored by people all […]