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Project Power Review: Jamie Foxx’s Starrer Has Surprised Everyone

The ensemble cast of Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Dominique Fishback of the Netflix original accentuate the brilliant cinematography through their engaging performance. It is easy to just discredit the movie as a combination of the 2011 flick Limitless and Marvel theme, but the pacing and acting of the main actors make this 111-minute-long […]

Best Smartwatches You Can Buy Under $200

Smartwatches are one of the latest trends in the digital world, but they don’t always come at a cheap price. You may need to spend a significant amount of money to get a feature-rich smartwatch but that is not the case every time either. In this article, we have listed the best smartwatches which you […]

Black Widow Release Date Could Be Delayed Again

The release date of Black Widow is delayed once again. For many fans, it is disheartening news. Audiences were eagerly waiting to watch Scarlett Johnsson playing the character of Natasha Romanoff in her solo film. And the team announced that Black Widow is under development at San Diego Comic-Con. The movie’s plot is set in […]

Best TV Shows to Watch on Disney Plus

Disney Plus is having one of the best content to watch. The content on this on-demand platform is not just for kids, but there is something for every age group. Disney Plus is having one of the best content to watch. The content on this on-demand platform is not just for kids, but there is […]

Best Resume Builder Apps for Android in 2020

A perfect resume has the capacity of impressing an employer. A good resume defines you in an accurate way. Just having the necessary skills is not enough in order to get a job, but having a good resume is also necessary. A resume helps an employer decide whether you are fit for the position or […]

Pokemon GO: How to Acquire Sinnoh Stone and An Upgrade for Porygon Community Day

Trainers have made their choice by voting, and now in September, “Porygon” is finally arriving. Niantic has revealed the September and October Community Day. Porygon won the voting, and Charmander made it to the second position. On September 20, Porygon will arrive for the first time in its regular and shiny form. Trainers are excited […]

How to Mirror Screen of Your iPhone or iPad on Windows PC

Screen mirroring of an iPhone or iPad on Apple TV is an easy method using the AirPlay feature when you have to display a presentation in the meeting hall. If not, you can plan a little get together with your family or friends to screen the old pictures. What if Apple TV isn’t available? The […]

Bitwig Studio vs Ableton Live: Which One is Better

Choosing the right DAW can be a challenging task for many who have just started their journey in the world of music production. From MIDI programming to drum programming, everything plays a vital role in music production. Some digital audio workstations may be good for recording vocals and some may be good for producing music. […]

Star Wars: 5 Ways Kylo Ren Can Beat MCU’s Thanos

Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and on the other hand, Kylo Ren is the most powerful villain in the Star Wars film series. Both of them have played the role of disastrous villains in their respective movies. However, the question arises: which one of them will win […]

This Wireless Charger Will Sanitize Your Phone Along With Charging

Sanitizing our hands and surroundings is very much needed at these times to stay healthy and away from deadly diseases. There are lots of germs, bacteria, and viruses in our surroundings which can make us sick. But do we ever pay enough attention to sanitation and cleanliness of electronic devices, especially our mobile phone which […]