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How to Use Stickers on Wechat?

Want to use stickers in Wechat but don’t know how to? If yes, then this article is made for you. The digital stickers are sometimes very useful to express your thoughts and feelings on social media. They almost work the same as emoticons and makes a social post or conversation even more approachable. Many users […]

How to View a Cached Website on Google

In this article, you will learn how to view a cached webpage or website on the Google search engine. Is the site you are trying to access down due to a technical issue? Are you unable to view a webpage due to an error? If yes, then you can still see the page or website […]

Proxy vs. Virtual Private Network (VPN): How Do They Differ

Despite seeming similar on the surface, Proxy and VPN servers have several differences. They might not be visible to someone who is not tech proficient. Both of them divert traffic from the Internet towards a different server before they send it to the desired end. However, the difference is found in their details. Despite both […]

Live-Action Aladdin Sequel Under Consideration by Disney

The live-action adaptation of well-known Disney’s cartoon Aladdin grossed over one billion dollars. This made the movie fifth highest-grossing movie of the year. The movie has Will Smith playing Genie, Mena Massoud playing Aladdin, Naomi Scott playing Jasmine, and Marwan Kenzari in the role of Jafar. Now Dan Lin, the director of the movie, has […]

How to Crop, Rotate, and Straighten Photos in iOS Devices

Many people capture wrongly aligned shots on their iPhone or iPad, and that is the main reason that Apple has provided us with several editing tools to make our captured images more balanced and organized. With Apple’s editing tools, you can crop, straighten, rotate, and also adjust the aspect ratio of a picture. Not everyone […]

How to Add New Users to Google Chrome in Windows

If you have a common computer in your home that your siblings also use, then the thought of using Chrome independently has possibly come to your mind. You might want to use Chrome with your own settings, themes, extensions, and bookmarks. Moreover, you’ll also want to keep your browsing, bookmarked websites, as well as other […]