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What are the 4 significant disentanglements of cryptocurrency: Cryptocoach guide?

Do you desire to own cryptocurrency but are stuck with the complexity of understanding how and what to do? Maybe, yes. You don’t need to be worried. We, Emocoin, have made it easy to understand what is it and how you can use it. We know you have a long list of questions to understand […]

The Reasonable Decentralized Cryptocurrency that could be widely used

The idea of ​​a cryptographic currency — that is to say, based on a peer-to-peer network of validating nodes, each holding a copy of the account register called blockchain — is interesting because the redundancy of calculations and Ledger memorization is a simple way in principle to provide security and make it difficult to create […]

Is the monetary system decentralized?

Although the economic market is rather decentralized, the monetary system is rather centralized. The currencies are at a forced price, that is to say, that since the end of the gold standard we can no longer exchange our currency against gold, moreover, in general, there is only one currency at legal tender so the economic […]

Why Should you Choose Emocoin?

The year 2021 has brought a remarkable surge in the popularity of digital currency. The credit goes to Elon Musk, who kept showing direct or indirect support to cryptocurrencies since the end of 2020.  As more economic sectors, businesses and people are understanding the nuances and advantages of digital currencies, the time is not far […]


Cryptocurrencies never fail to amaze with their volatility, especially Bitcoins. During the month of  April 2021, it recorded an all-time high of $65,000, leading to heavy returns bagged by investors. Even with the volatility, the cryptocurrencies never go out of fashion and experts often recommend them.  But, why should you care?  Why to invest in […]