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How to Turn Off Windows 10 Notification Sounds

Many users have been raising some of the questions after getting irritated by the notifications sound by their Windows 10. Here are the steps mentioned below to turn off Windows 10 notification sounds. Steps to Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications Sounds Through Settings Application •    Click on the Windows and R keys together to launch […]

How to Enable Screen Sharing on Discord

Discord is a great tool for online communication, which permits its users to have a conversation through voice, text, and video. A number of gamers, mainly those who play PVM and PVP games, communicate with their teams using Discord. You can become a member of the different types of communities which have the same interest […]

How to Use Voice Control on Your Mac

While it is correct that Siri controls all the basic functions on the Mac, like changing the volume or adjusting the screen brightness, but the fact is that you do not need Siri for performing these methods. You can use your own voice so that you have a control on the Mac. In this article, […]

How to View Apple TV on Your Mac

Apple TV is a handy device to stream shows or movies from the iOS device to the TV display. It also lets you stream all the content which you want to play on the TV screen such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. In case you want to view Apple TV channels on your Mac or […]

How to Troubleshoot iPad is Not Connecting to iTunes Issue

Already running on an issue, to troubleshoot it connected your iPad to iTunes for installing updates but now iPad is also not connecting to iTunes? This could be very irritating. iTunes is essential for an iOS device to manage media, taking a backup, syncing iPad, and installing updates. From iTunes, you can do this all […]

How to Install Latest Android Q beta 4 on Non-Pixel Smartphones

Android Q beta 4 is the most recent Android version. Surely, it has various new excellent features and themes. However, most of the latest releases are not available for all Android Smartphones and tablet. But thankfully, Android Q beta 4 is available for some compatible non-pixel smartphones. Here are some compatible devices and the instruction […]

Guide for Using Apple AirPods with Apple TV

Apple’s wireless AirPod consist of smart AI, namely Siri, which transforms these standard headphones into an interactive computer program right inside the user’s ears. This device was first brought to notice during 2016 and since has become widely accessible amongst the Apple device users. With the expertise of Apple technologies, Apple AirPod has stood out […]

New Chip Lets Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Respond To Alexa

Knowles is well known for supplying microphones to numerous smart device manufacturers like Apple and with the recent discovery, developers at Knowles recently revealed a new chip which enables wireless Bluetooth headphones to pair and respond to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Prior to this, users of Alexa enabled wireless headphones had to hold a switch […]

Google Cardboard VR: Cheap Thrills at Its Finest

Virtual Reality devices enable users to experience a realm of the virtual universe with endless possibilities. But availing a VR headset can be a massive blow to a users wallet. So if you are a VR enthusiast and want to experience all the hype behind this new expensive tech, then there is an affordable alternative […]

How to Use the DHCP Feature on a Router

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) feature enables an individual to assign a different IP address to all the devices paired to their router network. This helps in resolving any network error issues while using two or more devices on the same network as every device is assigned with its own unique IP address. This allows […]