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What Is Kodi And How To Download Kodi Add-Ons?

The Kodi add-ons can make your life better! Kodi is a famous application that makes Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows systems work better by supporting videos and audios in different file types. Kodi helps in availing movies, songs, and shows quickly. It modifies the interface easily.  It is available completely free of charge. Note: Kodi add-ons […]

How to Entertain on Spotify In Windows 10?

There are lots of music lovers present all over the world. Saying that music is unifying the whole world is not wrong. Getting your favorite Spotify songs by the Windows 10 Spotify application offers an excellent experience. The best part is that you don’t require any other gadget for doing it. If you want to […]

Top 10 Smartwatches To Buy For Kids In 2019

Earlier, smartwatches used to be only for the grown-ups. Fortunately, now smartwatches are even available for children. Most suitable smartwatches for your kids 1.    Vtech Kidizoom DX2 The maker company of Vtech Kidizoom DX2 is famous all over for its long-lasting technical stuff for children. The best feature of this smartwatch is that it is […]


Overheating and battery draining problem is quite common amongst Pixel owners. Google Pixel is one of the strongest gadgets, it has 2770mAh battery with optimized software. Here is how to solve Pixel overheating and battery draining problems. How to fix Pixel overheating problems Is your Pixel overheated? It’s really worrying when you notice your device […]


Audio is lagging while playing Nintendo Switch with TV or speakers? Yes, it’s annoying and will totally ruin the gameplay experience. If you’re also facing the audio lagging problem, here is how to fix it: Make sure that your TV is on ‘Game Mode’ Before doing any complex task, confirm that your TV is on […]


Net neutrality is the fundamental of universal behavior and removal of any kind of discrimination based on content, information or data source, user or networking protocol. It is drawing a line for all data provider that they cannot charge any extra cost, or devalue the position of any specific sources or create any kind of […]


Cities are becoming more dangerous for women every single day. Considering “precaution is better than cure”, attention, alertness, and preparedness is the only tool that can preserve one from becoming prey. Technology supports women safety and empowers them with some wonderful apps which can be very helpful in calamities. Safetipin: It is the best app for […]

How To Use Instagram To Get Maximum Likes On Posts?

Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform. It is not only attractive but is also very simple to use. Generally, people like to spend their free time on it. People can try to interact with their friends, followers, and colleagues over there with the help of chatting, commenting on posts and liking the pictures. […]

Top 4 Classic Horror Computer Games

Top 4 Classic Horror Computer Games For the console games today, horror is apparently a mainstay. If we think about the previous time, at that time, it wasn’t possible to manage the terrifying graphics that were required for setting up a frightening and rich universe. It was computers where the scary masterpieces got their fright. […]

Some Best Free PDF Editors

Utilise these free of cost PDF editors and make some changes to PDF files. It is challenging to search for a PDF editor that allows you to add and edit the texts. Users can even change images, include some graphics, sign names, fill up the forms and much more. Go below and see the list […]