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Should I Test My Popcorn Ceiling for Asbestos?

If you are concerned that you have an old popcorn ceiling, it might be worth getting it tested for asbestos. Asbestos can be dangerous, and it is important to have the right information before you make any decisions. Luckily, it is relatively easy to test for asbestos. Using a home-based kit, testing for asbestos is […]

Asbestos Floor Tiles: Is It Safe to Remove on Your Own?

Do you have an old house to demolish that includes asbestos-containing floor tiles, pipes, or any other asbestos material? If yes, you need to take all precautionary steps to keep safe from the drawbacks of asbestos which may give some health hazards and skin issues too. Hence, it is necessary to follow all the safety […]

Can Asbestos Black Mastic Be Safe?

Can Asbestos Black Mastic Be Safely removed? The use of asbestos has been banned in many countries, including the USA. However, there have been instances where asbestos containing materials were found in older homes. A lot of people are concerned about its health effects and so they seek out asbestos removal companies when such situations […]

Why Hire a Mold Removal Company in Lake Orion

There are a few benefits of hiring a professional mold inspection and removal team to clean your contaminated property. If you have an active mold problem, then you have to hire a certified mold inspector who is able to detect the presence of toxic mold in your home. The presence of toxic mold may be […]

The Four Steps To Asbestos Pipe Insulation Encapsulation

There are four main prime steps to accurately encapsulating asbestos pipe insulation.  This blog post will explain each of the four steps to help carefully finish the project.  The overall effect of a successful encapsulation project is that any possibly hazardous materials are covered and unable to cause injury in the future. Step 1 – […]