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Renting or Buying an Epos System: Pros and Cons

Making life easier for customers is the primary goal of payment service providers. Choosing a method is a matter of requirements, characteristics and type of business. Not all payment solutions are the same nor do all E-commerce have the same requirements. Therefore, in the case of the epos system in London, it is the best option […]

How Till System For Retail Benefits Your Business?

If you have a retail business of any size, you’re without a doubt familiar with the term till systems in the UK. Epos till system UK are standard in any sales environment, encompassing the till and any hardware used at the point of sale like screens, barcode scanners, card payment readers, cash drawers and receipt printers. […]

What Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Retail EPOS System?

Many small businesses rely on retail epos systems to ring up customer purchases and manage other significant operations. Those in the retail business can achieve profits from this type of solution. Epos retail system allows retailers to complete customer transactions but track and manage stock and customer data. According to a survey, 91% of customers are bound to shop with […]

How To Monitor Sales Through Epos System?

An EPOS system can do many things for you, including forecasting future trends. Powerful business software does much more than completes transactions. We’ve spoken earlier about the help epos software provides with inventory management and the benefits that a good Electronic Point of Sale System can bring to your business. It is time to explain how your […]

Restaurant EPOS System and Software Features

Restaurants get daily supply, customers and transactions – managing all of this can be intense. Advanced restaurant epos system UK offers automatic record management features. There will be different categories like daily purchased resources, daily prepared dishes, transactions and daily profits, etc. If restaurant software can manage it efficiently, the staff can easily focus more […]

What Is The Need Of Installing A Modern EPOS System For Your Business?

If you own a business, then you know that there are many complex, interlinked, and variable processes to maintain to guarantee that your business runs smoothly. You need to ensure that your products are available, that your staff members are taking care of their responsibilities, and that your customers are receiving the best omnichannel experience. […]

What Features To Look In EPOS System For Your Restaurant

In a fast-paced and fast-growing restaurant industry, it is to find an epos system that can keep up. Modern epos software has evolved into a tool that streamlines every aspect of the restaurant business, from customer experience to management responsibilities. As you move through the process of evaluating epos software for takeaway or your restaurant, there are […]

What Industries Use Electronic Point of Sale Systems?

Electronic point of sale refers to any professional environment in which a customer buys an item or service, and the retailer gets paid. Very often, the customer will get a receipt upon the completion of the transaction. E POS system permeates the world in different businesses, some more subtle than others. If you have your own business, you […]

How To Scale Your Business – Did You Choose The Right Epos System?

As your business grows, so do your requirements. You may need an electronic till system that can grow along with you. It is hard to find epos with the ability to scale business. Epos Direct offers scalability and more to scale your business. What Does ‘Scale Your Business’ Mean? Whether you refer to it as ‘scale the […]

How EPOS System Can Manage Inventory In Multiple Locations?

Does your business have multiple store locations? Do you struggle with tracking your inventory from one store to another? Do you find yourself running short on supplies at one store while having excess in another location? Are you confused about inventory management? These are a few common issues that can be experienced in retail and […]