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About Author: EvenGreen provides the most holistic approach to true energy efficiency through cutting edge technologies, advanced design and engineering processes, high quality installations, consumer education, and affordable and reliable products that will continue to benefit our clients for years to come.

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4 Tips for Going Solar in Idaho

The popularity of solar power in Idaho continues to increase. It makes a lot of sense that solar is catching on here as much as it is—after all, Idahoans are known for being a practical bunch and solar power is a practical energy solution. And an Idaho solar power system often increases a home’s value […]

The Importance of an Efficient Home Energy Plan in Idaho

Potatoes aside, when people outside of Idaho think of the Gem State, generally the first things that come to mind are our state’s natural beauty and the opportunities that beauty affords. Idahoans are obviously aware of how lucky we are to live somewhere so blessed with spectacular landscapes and waterways, but we know something else […]

Is Solar Power Worth It if You Live in Idaho?

There are some Idahoans who have either never really considered solar power as a serious energy solution they could employ, or who have considered it and rejected it as a viable, realistic option. That lack of serious consideration or outright rejection is generally in response to a couple of common objections and assumptions. One of […]

Why Right Now Is a Perfect Time to Get a Solar Power System in Idaho

A good argument could be made that there is no bad time to invest in solar power. Idaho solar installations have exploded in popularity in the past decade for quite a few reasons. One of the most important and commonly cited of those reasons is price. The cost of buying and installing a photo voltaic […]

Why Solar Power Is the Best Future Energy Investment Idaho Can Make

Solar power is the future, and that’s a good thing. While there’s some debate about how long it will take for the power infrastructure to switch over completely to solar power, there is little debate that far, far more of the world will be relying on solar power in the near future. Not only is […]

Fascinating Facts About Solar Power and Why It’s the Future Energy Solution You Should Consider

Solar power is emerging as the energy source of the future. (It’s actually the energy source of the past and present too, but more on that later.) Across the planet, solar arrays are being built, solar vehicles are being powered, solar devices are being used, and solar panels are an increasingly common feature on rooftops. […]

Why You Should Greet Idaho’s Spring with Solar Power

Perhaps the best thing about spring in Idaho (the retirement of the snow shovel notwithstanding), is how colorful everything gets.The monochromatic white and black of snowy (or brown and muddy) lawns and leafless trees give way to everything bright, beautiful, and blooming. The most abundant of those colors, and maybe the most restorative, is green. […]

Have a Metal Roof? You Can and Should Go Solar

As popular and common as solar installation in Idaho has become, questions about the details of the process remain common as well. From Twin Falls solar power advocates to homeowners looking to save money, among the most often-asked questions are about what roofing material photovoltaic (PV) solar panels can and can’t be installed on. And […]

Reasons Why Switching to Solar in Idaho Is Worth It

Investing in a solar energy system is a big step (although not as big as is often assumed), and like any big step it can be an intimidating one. For most homeowners, however, it’s also an investment with a terrific ROI in a whole variety of ways. Additionally, installing an Idaho solar energy system is […]

Solar Energy as the Centerpiece of a More Efficient (and Far Cheaper) Idaho Winter Heating Strategy

Winter in Idaho and solar energy may not be concepts that necessarily seem like a natural fit. The disconnect makes sense: it’s cold and the days are shorter, meaning that there’s typically less sun out than during the summer months. However, it turns out that these often pretty harsh Gem State winters may be the […]