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About Author: Fitting Furniture is an online furniture manufacturing company located in the southeastern Melbourne suburbs. They aim to provide an extensive range of furniture in standard or custom sizes at no extra cost. Fitting furniture manufactures the latest automated computer-controlled equipment, which ensures accurate and high-quality products.

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Install Bunk Beds and Make Your Kids’ Room Look Tidy

Managing a kid’s room is as tough as understanding rocket science. Their bed, toys, study table, wardrobe, and what else, need to fit into a small room. With less space and several furniture items, it not only makes your kid’s room look like a mess but also increases risks. The risk can be a child […]

Purchase Durable Bunk Bed in Australia from Fitting Furniture

Purchasing a new bunk bed can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many options and varieties available in the market. There are so many types of bunk beds to choose from and also these beds are available in different sizes, colours, and designs. This means that if you randomly pick a bunk […]

Find a Loft Bed for Your Child’s Comfort and Need in Australia

Innovation is what everyone looks forward to. When it comes to compact spaces and you want them to be entirely used, you should seek help from an interior decorator to tell you what you want can be done. In case you want to take things in your hand and see what best you can do […]

Build Double Loft Bed With These Five Steps

So, you have decided to renovate the room for your kids. You want to make efficient use of space. How do you plan on doing it? If you are planning on getting a single cot bed, they will take up a lot of space leaving no room for your kids to play. So, what is […]

Consider These Things When Purchasing Loft Bed

Thinking about buying a kids’ bunk bed but not sure how to choose one? Do you want to purchase a bunk bed that not just looks stylish but is also very affordable? If so, you have come to the right place. We understand that purchasing a good full size bunk bed with desk is not […]

Want to Buy a Bunk Bed? Consider These Things

Do you want to create some space in your kid’s room where s/he can play or relax? Do you want to utilize the space in their room without making the room look crowded? If yes, the answer to your question is a full size loft bed with storage. If you are having more than one […]

Four Critical Questions About Loft Beds Australia Answered!

Have you been thinking of buying a loft bed for your kids? If yes, you might have certain questions in your mind regarding the same. And that’s why we have written this article. Here we will answer a few of the crucial questions that most loft beds for sale buyers have. So, let’s get started! […]

Types of Loft Beds You can Buy

Loft beds are very useful and are a must-have if you have a kid. Loft beds provide safety to your kid and comfort too. By having a loft bed you can give separate space to your kid. Where s/he can not only sleep but can just have comfortable playtime on the bed whenever your kid […]

Get Best Bunk Beds from Fitting Furniture

Having a kid can be sheer bliss not matter how cranky and mischievous s/he is just one smile is enough to let go of everything. As your kid grows, s/he may need a different space where your kid can sleep comfortably without any safety issues. This why it is suggested to buy double loft bed […]

Buy Kids Bunk Bed in Australia from Fitting Furniture

There has been a constant battle between what parents think is right for their children and what kids actually want. As parents, it is your responsibility to look after what your child needs but you also have to think whether the thing they need is good for them or not. When it comes to picking […]