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About Author: Focus Insite provides qualitative research consultants and research firms to help them better understand consumers’ behavior and decision-making processes. Qualitative research doesn’t just help companies bring products to market, they also help companies with strategic planning, product testing, concept testing, and identifying where institutional gaps may exist within an organization. 

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5 Considerations for Selecting a Market Research Recruitment Firm

It’s no secret that many market research companies outsource screening and recruitment for in-depth interviews and focus groups to market research recruiting firms. But not all nationwide recruitment agencies are created equal, and before signing a contract with one, here are five things to consider. Communication Recruitment is a crucial component of market research, and […]

Outsourcing Market Research Recruitment Saves Time and Money

Qualitative market research relies heavily on focus groups and in-depth interviews. Even in today’s tech-driven world, qualitative research consultants will tell you that the quality of information obtained through focus-groups or interviews is hard to beat. While the methodology matters, what’s equally important is the quality of the research subject who are recruited to participate […]

Who Should Conduct Your Market Research?

When it comes to market research, there are times you may want to do it yourself and times when you might want to outsource. In some cases, market insite research can take a lot of time away from you doing your core business. This is especially true if you have a very small business without […]

What to Look At When Conducting Market Research

When you’re conducting market and insite research, it’s important to be aware of what you’re looking at and looking for. The more you’re ready in advance before you start your research, the more likely it is that your research will be accurate. * Define Your Problem – When you start conducting market research, you need […]

Grab Cool Kids Bed from Prominent Online Furniture Store

Do you remember what kind of bed did you have as a child? Was it a boring one or did it have a super cool design? If you did not have the choice of bed you wanted to have, you must have an idea about how it feels to be in a boring space. But […]

Quantitative Results and Qualitative Results – What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

Before you even start with market research it’s important to understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative results. Definitions: Quantitative – This type of insite research is used to gather numerical data and statistics so that you can put a number with the attitudes, opinions, behaviors and other variables that you define from your sample […]

How to Gather Your Primary Research Data

If you want to succeed as a business, you need to understand the importance of conducting market research and gathering primary source data. The difference between primary and secondary research is that you get primary information directly from your audience, and you get secondary information from other people who have surveyed an audience or conducted […]

How Important Is Market Research to Your Business?

It really cannot be overstated that market research is imperative to the success of your business. Understanding your market will ensure that you are providing the right products and services to your audience – products that they need and want. Plus, that you’re pricing them in the most accurate manner at an amount they are […]

Common Mistakes Made When Conducting Market Research

When you decide to start or improve your business, the best place to begin is doing market research. Market insite research is so important to your success. You need to do it before starting and continuously throughout the lifetime of your business. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how Focus Insite can […]

How Screening Guides Help with Market Research Recruitment

Before a focus group recruitment agency can begin recruiting for a market research focus group or in-depth interview, they need parameters about the type of participant the study requires. There is no point in conducting qualitative market research if you don’t ask the right questions of the right people. Screening for qualified participants is a […]