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About Author: Focus Insite provides qualitative research consultants and research firms to help them better understand consumers’ behavior and decision-making processes. Qualitative research doesn’t just help companies bring products to market, they also help companies with strategic planning, product testing, concept testing, and identifying where institutional gaps may exist within an organization. 

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Recruiting for Qualitative Medical Studies

There is no shortage of qualitative research scholarly articles discussing the challenges of recruiting hard-to-reach participants. When it comes to recruiting for medical studies, finding participants who represent a broad range of demographic categories is crucial to the success of the qualitative study. Not every nationwide recruitment agency is experienced in recruiting healthcare professionals or […]

Earning Money by Participating in Market Research

As the calendar flips to a new year, it isn’t unusual for people to wonder how they’re going to pay for all their holiday spending. The good news is the side-hustle economy is well enough established that with some extra effort, people can look for ways to earn some extra cash. Participating in Focus Groups […]

Improving Focus Groups in 3 Steps

Qualitative research consultants rely on a number of proven methodologies when conducting market research. Focus groups are well-known and well-loved because they consistently provide researchers with reams of valuable insights. While focus groups may seem ‘analog’ in a ‘digital’ age, this methodology remains popular because they are tried and true. This doesn’t mean, however, that […]

Why Nationwide Recruitment Services are the ‘Secret Sauce’ of Market Research

For those who don’t work in market research, it isn’t uncommon to think that recruiting suitable participants is simply an administrative task. How hard could it be to develop a study discussion guide, find people who would be interested in getting paid for a legitimate study, then synthesize the results into a final report? We’re […]

Analyzing Focus Group and In-Depth Interview Results

Focus group and in-depth interviews produce copious amounts of data. It isn’t uncommon to have hundreds of pages of transcripts following a qualitative market research study. While there are often numerous insights within the data, until it is analyzed and synthesized, it remains unhelpful. Qualitative research consultant will break down the data using a five-step process: Data […]

3 Tips for Recruiting the Best Participants for your Market Research Study

Recruiting is the beating heart of market research. It’s essential to properly recruit so you can gain the insights you need. It’s not just about asking the right questions, it’s about asking the right people. Regardless of which methodology is used when conducting market research, recruiting is the common denominator. Know your Target Audience Before […]

Focus Groups Aren’t Dead

If you do a quick online search about focus groups, you’re likely to come across articles that claim that nationwide qualitative research firms think focus groups are irrelevant and old-fashioned. This is complete bunk. Experienced qualitative research consultants will tell you that focus groups remain relevant because they consistently provide valuable insights. It isn’t that […]

Beware of the ‘Professional’ Market Research Study Participant!

Qualitative market research studies would be impossible without study participants. They are the lifeblood of any study, and are vital to the market research industry. Study participants are screened and selected to meet the specific criteria of a study, and as market research methodologies become more varied, there are sometimes demands on participants’ time that […]

Save Money by Hiring a Market Research Recruiting Firm

It is impossible to conduct qualitative market research without study participants. As market studies become more sophisticated and seek to answer more nuanced questions, finding qualified participants becomes more challenging. Many market research companies keep a database of people who have signed up to be called upon for consideration in market research studies, but more […]

Recruiting for Focus Groups

Companies looking to launch a new product or service often hire market research companies to conduct qualitative research to explore the thinking, perceptions, and the decision-making processes of participants. There are a number of methodologies used in qualitative research, whether it be a focus group, in-depth interview (IDI), online bulletin board, or mobile tracking. Professional […]