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About Author: Focus Insite provides qualitative research consultants and research firms to help them better understand consumers’ behavior and decision-making processes. Qualitative research doesn’t just help companies bring products to market, they also help companies with strategic planning, product testing, concept testing, and identifying where institutional gaps may exist within an organization. 

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How to Engage Healthcare Providers in Medical Market Research

Anyone who has tried to engage healthcare/medical professionals in market research studies knows that it can be challenging. Market research consultants , insite research recruiter and market research recruiter are always asking how they can better increase interest in project participation. Our dedicated team of medical market research recruiters, led by Serenity Bohon shares some […]

Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Characteristics

There are two types of market research: quantitative and qualitative. While both types are valuable to businesses for strategic planning and market insights, they are not interchangeable. You’ll learn very different things from a qualitative study than you would a quantitative study. Let’s explore the differences and similarities between quantitative and qualitative research. Qualitative market […]

3 Tips for Improving Market Research Recruitment

Nationwide market research recruiting firms have lots of tricks and techniques for finding the most qualified people to participate in market research studies. Our team of recruiters bring different skill sets to recruiting, and depending on the subject of the study, we’ll deploy different recruiters for different studies (e.g. medical studies or political recruitment.) Even though […]

Analyzing Data is No Replacement for Focus Groups

Every so often the headlines will be all a buzz claiming that focus groups are dead, or outdated, or pointless. And yet, focus groups remain a go-to methodology for qualitative researchers to better understand concepts, experiences, opinions, and insights about consumer choices and behavior. Some of the articles that claim that focus groups are no […]

Recruiting for Political Surveys and Polls

Many of our blog topics cover market research recruitment for qualitative and quantitative studies. While much of our recruiting effort is aligned with market research, we cast a much broader recruiting net. Most anyone who follows the news, especially during political campaigning, has likely seen a reference to a political poll or survey. Such polls […]

Market Research Can’t Happen Without Transcription Services

Anyone who has worked on qualitative market research projects knows that reams of data are produced. Qualitative research often includes focus groups and/or in-depth interviews, and these alone can produce up to many hours of recordings. Making sense of all this information, and picking out the patterns and insights, is the essence of qualitative market […]

Why Market Research Recruitment is Better than Ever

There is no doubt that the pandemic has disrupted our lives. From work to play, we’ve all had to made adjustments. It’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 restrictions came into effect, and while most of us long for a return to pre-COVID routines, there have been some silver linings, especially as it pertains to […]

3 Hazards of DIY Market Research Recruiting

Market research recruiting seems simple enough: find people who can answer questions and share insights about a product or brand. How hard could it be? Similar to watching professional athletes make their sports look effortless, market research recruiting is no different. While recruitment may seem easy, there is a lot of work and coordination that […]

The Evolution of Market Research—A Brief History, Part 1

Like any industry, insite research has evolved over the years. How market research is conducted today looks quite different than it did 100 years ago. Even though market researchers use techniques today that weren’t available even 20 years ago, the foundations of market research remain the same: getting a deeper understanding of peoples’ needs, wants, and beliefs. […]

5 Reasons to Invest in Market Research Now

Anyone who works in market research, and its related fields (market research recruitment), understands the value of conducting market research studies. What may seem so obvious to us, isn’t necessarily understood by those who haven’t benefited by market research. In today’s blog we’ll highlight five benefits of conducting a market research study. Keep in mind […]