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Beginners Guide To Frag Your Corals

Are you someone who collects corals in your aquarium? And have mostly brought them from a local shop or so and wonder where they come from. Are you wondering about coral frags and are unsure what to do? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss corals in Canada and […]

Five Vital Factors That Aid the Growth of SPS Corals

For the majority, building a reef tank with vibrant SPS corals involves a long learning process that involves making mistakes and then learning from them while constantly broadening one’s knowledge and experience. Careful attention to every area of coral farming is necessary to maintain SPS corals that are vibrantly coloured and in good health. This […]

Coral Frags and Four Good Reasons to Buy Them

One of the most satisfying things about having reefing as a hobby is collecting coral frags that you love and watching them develop from small individual frags into colonies. Every reefer has the ability to raise corals and distribute their frags to other reefers. The reefing hobby revolves around that. This article delves into the […]

Use these tips for frag branching your SPS corals.

Are you new to frag branching corals? We are sure you must have spoken to multiple hobbyists, done hours of research, and cross-checked multiple resources to determine how to get started. And after reading different information from different sources, you must be wondering which frag branching method is effective, right? Well, it is time to […]

Your One-Stop Guide to Effective Coral Acclimation

When it comes to acclimating the coral frags, you will come across a handful of tutorials online. But not every tutorial you come across is a full-proof way to help your new coral frags in Canada adapt to the new environment. Some advice is downright absurd that does nothing but harm to your corals. Therefore, […]

What Causes White Tips on SPS Coral?

If you are a coral enthusiast, then you must be aware of the white tips appearing on the SPS coral. Your experience must have taught you the reason behind these sudden changes, too. But, as a beginner, it may seem overwhelming to notice the white tips, especially on the coral frag you spent so much […]

Your Guide to Choosing Corals for Your First Reef Tank

The craze of LPS Corals in Victoria is increasing exponentially among aquarium hobbyists. These marine invertebrates are beautiful to look at and make a perfect addition to the reef tank. However, when it comes to purchasing coral frags, it is important to be extra vigilant, especially if you are a beginner. Here is what you […]