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Know the criteria of Dapps on Blockchain

Basically, Dapps are applications that run on a P2P network of computers rather than a single computer powered in most cases by tokens. They are software programmes designed to exist on web not controlled by any single entity. Any app to be considered a Dapp in the context of blockchain must meet the following criteria […]

How blockchain loyalty programs a boon for growing industries?

Well, customer loyalty points serve as biggest drivers of growth for retail companies. Such programs let corporations enhance their engagement with customers. They are also being utilised across various industries such as retail, travel, banks, hotels and lot more. Some of the issues being faced by existing loyalty programs are: It’s quite time consuming to […]

Why to introduce blockchain as a customer loyalty solution?

Well, blockchain database is not stored in any single location which means all the records are absolutely public and easily verifiable. In fact, no centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt. The data is hosted by millions of computers at the same time and is accessible to anyone over web.   […]

How Blockchain technology a savior for varied industries?

Do you need to maintain transparent and immutable records? If you are nodding your head for yes, blockchain technology can make it happen. And this is why the technology is being largely used by the companies offering financial services. The platform verifies the transactions instantly and keeps them safe from tampering and fraud. Not only […]

How blockchain can change the digital era?

A brief overview on decentralized apps

When we say, DApps, it indicates distributed, resilient, transparent and incentivized apps which has revolutionized the era of technological advancement. Before we move further to describe what DApps are all about, it’s necessary to know about the underlying technology- the blockchain. What is Blockchain? Basically, blockchain is a ledger of records organized in blocks, linked […]

Gallactic- A developer friendly blockchain platform

Have you ever thought of a blockchain with unlimited scalability? If not, start thinking about it as Gallactic is there to make it happen. The speed of its block resolution is in seconds. And transaction costs are largely reduced with maintaining high degree of trust and security. Gallactic- A reliable developer friendly blockchain platform However, […]

Smart contracts on the blockchain- A wise choice for businesses

The inception of blockchain system has taken the entire technological era by storm. Many multinational companies have jumped onto the blockchain bandwagon and started adopting this technology for good. For instance, Investment banks alone have managed to save up to $12 billion per year through blockchain and smart contracts. Use Cases for Blockchain Blockchain can […]

Why Do People Join GALLACTIC Blockchain?

Make a Meaningful Impact: Joining our team means you can change the lives of over a third of the world’s population who, at this moment, don’t have the luxury of a stable financial market, currency or access to financial services. Engineers can take it one step further by not only pushing the gauge on Blockchain […]