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How Do I Know If I Need Marriage Counselling?

We all want to meet the one, enjoy the whirlwind courtship, get married, and live happily. This is what we expect. Unfortunately, reality differs significantly from what’s shown in movies and described in fairy tales. Many things can go wrong in relationships, and what the fairy tales don’t tell is that marriage takes a lot […]

What’s the Importance of Communication in Relationships?

You might have heard this a million times already, but communication is key to a happy and healthy relationship. The pandemic has affected relationships in different ways, and the importance of communication during this circumstance cannot be emphasised enough. When partners fail to properly communicate with one another, their relationship will fail to evolve. Communication […]

6 Problems that can be resolved by Relationship Counselling

Several couples deal with a number of issues before and after marriage. Professional marriage counsellors have been assisting several couples in addressing their pressing issues when the partners are in need of help. Counsellors are quite comfortable in helping couples deal with the problems they encounter, from communication issues to parenting troubles. Here are six […]

6 Desirable Traits of a Skilled Couples Counsellor

Relationship counsellors are qualified therapists who can assist individuals in dealing with different problems in their lives. People often encounter a number of problems associated with their family, spouse, job, mental health, and more. The constant stress can take a toll on one’s happiness and wellbeing. Fortunately, counsellors utilise their skills and expertise in couples counselling […]

Don’t Believe these 5 Myths about Marriage Counselling

Counselling has helped enrich relationships and save marriages. Regardless of its benefits, marriage counselling has its own stereotypes and myths. Several people believe that counselling is just a waste of time and money, due to which they refrain from seeking the help of a professional. Listed below are some of the most common misconceptions about […]

Risk Factors Contributing To Divorce

In Australia, about 38% of all marriages end up in divorce. Usually, the initial years of marriage are full of excitement and happiness. Everything the partners do and say is right and endearing. However, the spark between the couple starts to wear off, and the risk of relationship breakdown becomes higher over time. Couples might […]

How to Overcome Financial Stress in Relationships?

Do you know arguments about money hamper many marriages? Yes, 51% of Australian couples admit that money is the major source of conflict in their relationship. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce, according to Relationships Australia Research. Of course, when you are in love, money isn’t a major concern. But, over […]

How Do I Know If I Need Marriage Counselling?

Often this is how marriage happens – meet the one, have a whirlwind relationship, and get married like in fairytales. Well, what the fairytale doesn’t tell us is marriage requires commitment and a lot of efforts from both partners to make it work. You’ll never know how much you need to sacrifice and work it […]

How Effective Is Marriage Counselling?

Most marriages go through some difficulties that are severe enough to conclude that divorce is the only way out, or couples might be suffering from depression and anxiety. There’s no doubt that most marriage problems can be resolved on their own. But, sometimes, things can go out of control, feeling stuck and helpless to move […]