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4 Reasons Why Pizza is Awesome for Birthdays

People love celebrating birthdays with their loved ones. They’d throw a party to enjoy good moments and good food on the special day. Speaking of food, it goes without saying that every guest attending your event will be looking forward to have their favourite dishes. Pizza is indeed one of the best choices for birthday […]

Why Macaroni & Cheese is the Popular Comfort Food

Who didn’t grow up eating Macaroni and Cheese? It’s the most comfort food for kids, adults, and even picky eaters. This is inexpensive, delicious, and easy to make. The unique combination of taste, texture, and feel from the cheese makes it very pleasing to the Canadian palates. Ordering Macaroni and Cheese from a leading pasta restaurant […]

How to Make Pizza Healthier? Here are 3 Simple Tips

Pizza is loved by millions of people around the world. It’s a delicious treat for those who’d like to grab a quick bite. Pizza in Vancouver is also the go-to food for movie nights, birthday parties, and what not. Despite all the love and popularity, several individuals assume that pizza is totally unhealthy, predominantly because it is […]

Tips to Order Healthy Pizza for Kids

Do you want to provide a good-for-you pie for your kids without sacrificing the taste? Many people believe that it’s tough to serve up a healthy pizza unless it’s prepared by themselves. But, with a few simple tweaks, you can turn a take out pizza in Vancouver into a healthier version. Small Size Pizza When you place […]

Why Pasta is the World’s Favourite Food?

Did you know pasta has topped a global survey of the world’s favourite food? It has become a staple of so many tables at the pasta restaurant in Vancouver today and has been a regular feature of mealtimes since the 1960s. According to a recent survey, 17 countries confirmed that pasta is what people like to eat […]

How to Make Your Pizza Night Healthier?

Pizza is definitely a crowd pleaser! Nothing screams weekend like a Friday night pizza. If you are looking for a perfect meal to forget the stress of the entire week or to kick off the week with something delicious, pizza in Vancouver is the right choice. Unfortunately, it has gained a bad reputation among the public and […]

4 Popular Pizza Toppings for Summer Pizza Party

Pizza is a popular party food because it’s simple, affordable, and easy to carry. There are different types of toppings and seasonings that are drool-worthy, and it differs based on the season. Sausage or BBQ chicken is the most popular toppings of winter, whereas people go on a lighter side for summer, such as peaches, […]

Top Reasons to Eat More Pasta

Pasta has plenty of health benefits. Besides being delicious, pasta is cholesterol-free, provides folic acid and energy. Still, many people believe that pasta served at the pasta restaurant in Vancouver isn’t healthy enough to include in your diet. If you are one among them, this article is for you! Here we’ve listed the top reasons why pasta […]

Don’t Touch the Wrong Kind of Pizza Again! Tips to Spot a Good Pizza

Pizza is the all-time favourite food for most people around the world. The round, thin or thick layer of bread, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and some herb or meat, is most people’s go-to meal for any occasion. The aroma of a perfectly cooked cheesy pizza surely sets your mouth watering and rumbling so quickly. […]

Why a Pizza Party Works for Office Celebrations?

Throwing an office party? Wondering what menu to choose to cater to the needs of your employees or clients? Pizza in Vancouver comes to your rescue! Pizza is considered to be the best party food, and it’s believed that it could transform any party into a smash hit. This party food favourite is simple to serve and […]