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Name: Gilead COMPASS Initiative®
About Author: Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is a company that does research about medication, Gilead HIV treatment and develops innovative medication as well. The company is regarded as one of top corporate HIV/AIDS donors in the US. They help families recover from the trauma caused due to the HIV condition, offer funds for treatments and medicinal facilities and do whatever is the best in their capacity to make your life happy.

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Reduce HIV Stigma and Make This World a Better Place

The world is not the same for each and every one. Some people live happily and get all the success while others who are HIV positive are just not accepted by society. HIV positive people are not just ignored by society but also by their families. And it is really very sad. If there is […]

Three Smart Ways for Non-Profits to Get Corporate Funding

Have you been operating a non-profit organization that is actively working for HIV stigma reduction? Do you struggle to find enough funds to manage your activities? Do you want to apply for a corporate funding program? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you must read this article. It is a known […]

Reducing HIV Stigma Important for Providing Access to Effective Treatment

Numerous diseases in the world have been marked as an epidemic by the World Health Organization. These diseases have affected millions of people around the world and disrupted their lives. Not only has the disease affected the people, but the stigma associated with these diseases has also worsened the situation for the patients. This stigma […]

Get Corporate Sponsorship and Spread Awareness about HIV

HIV AIDS is one of the few deadly diseases that have been declared an epidemic. And it is mainly because this disease is very dangerous. But this does not mean that the people suffering from this health problem should be left alone. Since people do not have the correct information about HIV, they don’t treat […]

Gilead COMPASS Initiative®: A Community Offering Support for HIV Patients

There are several diseases that are affecting multiple people across the world due. These diseases not just cause physical repercussions but are also a cause of mental trauma and social stigma. And one such medical condition is HIV-AIDS. People across the globe often feel that the incidence and expanse of this disease have now reduced […]

Gilead Compass Initiative®: Offering Strategic and Financial Resources to Fight HIV

When you are a part of a non-profit or charitable organization, the biggest challenge is to acquire funding and grants to mitigate important expenses for the mission. This becomes extremely challenging when you are working to combat a disease that has always resulted in the discrimination of the affected. If your non-profit organization works towards […]

Fighting HIV Stigma in Southern USA with the Right Funding Opportunity

As you might already know, HIV/AIDS has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. This implies that there are millions of people who are adversely affected by the disease. As much the physical symptoms threaten the existence of those affected, the social stigma attached to the disease affects the diseased even more. Due […]

Reduce HIV Stigma with a Corporate Sponsorship for your NGO

It is good to know that even when a lot of people have lost humanity there are some people who are still concerned about others. No matter what happens, humanity stays above all this is what keeps us all going. Since we are talking about humanity and good work, how can we forget about non-profitable […]

Apply for Grants Successfully and Achieve Adequate Funding for Your Non-Profit

Running a non-profit organization successfully can be a daunting task especially when you are working towards the reduction of social stigma caused by certain diseases. The most crucial element to run a non-profit is the gathering of adequate funds for running awareness programs. Some non-profit organization gets funds from regular donations and fundraisers. Although there […]

Get Corporate Sponsorship and Help People Battling with HIV

Even though several people have lost humanity but there are people who keep humanity above all so that they can make a difference. There are people who want to help others so that this world can become a better place to live in. That’s why there are various non-profitable and charitable organizations around the world. […]