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Why Should You Buy A Diamond Ring Online?

One of the esteemed possessions for women across the world is diamonds. The sparkling rock has a unique charm that shines through. It gets used in making all jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. But it garners high demand when it comes to engagement rings. As you venture out to purchase the diamond ring, […]

How To Choose The Right Bracelet Design For You?

You cannot go wrong with gorgeous bracelets when it comes to jewellery. Bracelets are particularly appealing since they are worn in different ways than necklaces. After all, you see them while wearing them! Bracelets were worn by women and men throughout history and are ideal for layering and stacking. Bracelets are now made from various […]

Stunning Temple Jewellery Pieces For Brides

Marriages and occasions mark the arrival of happiness and a new stage of life. You celebrate it in pomp and invite all distant and close relatives to grace the occasion. As a bride, you aim to look stunning in the traditional wedding outfit and become the centre of attraction for the guests. Therefore, you ensure […]

A Guide To Buying Gold Rings

Gold jewellery has always been a treasured item in your ornament boxes as they symbolise sophistication and elegance. Moreover, they are the preferred choice of your fiancé to ask your hand for marriage, and at the same time can be a valuable and meaningful gift for your friends and family. Why? Gold is a colour […]

What To Look For In An Engagement Ring?

You have decided to propose to your significant other, you have asked her parents for her hand in marriage, and you have meticulously prepared the perfect proposal; all that is left is the engagement ring! Of course, you have been thinking about it for a long time and are still stumped as to which ring […]

Know The Types Of Ethnic Jewellery Sets

Whether you are attending a wedding with a glamorous lehenga or are going to a formal event, jewellery is a must. You cannot miss out on completing your outfit with only the best. It is rare to step out in traditional costumes, so why not make it memorable? Pairing your ethnic wear with the perfect […]

5 Nose Ring Designs You Can Choose For Your Wedding Day

A bride ensures to look like a queen on her wedding day. You dress up with the best traditional wear like ghagras, saris, and even gowns for the occasion. Since it is a moment to cherish and enjoy, you make the most of it by buying the best ornaments and applying makeup to enhance your […]

Buying a silver chain online? Read these tips

Chains are the perfect way to adorn your bare necks and make them stand out. These are a minimalistic alternative ideal for daily use than necklaces and adored by both men and women alike. Even the younger men associate them as a fashion statement due to the hip-hop culture and edgy vibe. Getting a silver […]

4 Reasons To Buy An Adjustable Chain Design

Many women are fond of collecting different jewel articles meant for several occasions. It makes them look attractive and pretty. They are a symbol of feminity and grace, which every lady must include in her personality. They add shimmer and make the attire look complete and presentable. People often feel it is necessary to wear […]