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YouTube SEO: Tips to Optimize Videos to Gain Top Results

Not more than a decade ago, inbound marketing was introduced as a brand new concept. Marketers were starting to realize that they just can’t go publishing a sheer amount of content online – they also need to produce high-quality content and then optimize it in ways that made it as visible as possible across search […]

Instagram Rolls Out Live Rooms in India to Help Content Creators Gain More Engagement

Popular social media giant Instagram has introduced a new “Live Rooms” feature allowing users to add up to three users in their Live video. This new feature is aimed at the content creators who will be able to gain better engagement and grow their following by going live with multiple guests. The company was testing […]

E-Commerce Web Design: 6 Best Practices for a Positive Customer Experience

People can form an opinion about your website in a fraction of a second, which means first impressions do matter. A vast majority of customers have agreed that businesses should have a good quality website, as per a recent survey. And even more so, if your target market comprises millennials and Gen Z. You can […]

4 Ways Twitter Ads Are Perfect to Grow Your Small Business

In this digital era, Twitter can be an excellent marketing channel to drive traffic and generate leads. As a matter of fact, a good majority of Twitter users follow their favorite small businesses online. Even the big brands like Google and Amazon have official Twitter accounts and boast a massive following on the platform. Undeniably, […]

Black Hat SEO: What It Is and Why You Should Avoid It

Take a trip down memory lane and think about how things were ten years ago. When people incorrectly presumed that SEO was nothing but a manipulative marketing maneuver that was all about deceiving the search engine’s algorithm and using strategies to trick Google (or any other search engine) into thinking that your website satisfies the […]

The Benefits of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Go back in time and recall this morning – do you remember that ad banner embellishing the news website you saw while you were headed to work? Or do you recall which brand’s commercial aired while you were tuned in to a radio? Or which company’s ad played while you were waiting for your video […]

6 Ways to Win in Competitive and Expensive PPC Environments

When you work in different vertical markets, there is something you will learn instantly about CPC – it differs fiercely. For example, the cost per click for a sweatshirt will be completely different in comparison to searches for lawn care services. Usually, if what you are advertising does not cost much, the average CPC will […]

Understanding Marketing vs. Sales: Which One Is Best for Your Business

Being a small business owner, you might find yourself thinking about whether marketing is more critical or sales. Or whether you should pour more money into your marketing efforts or employ an iconic sales team. Honestly, we have tried our hands at both to expand our business, so we are savvy about capitalizing on both […]

Using Keyword Mapping for Better SEO Results

Keyword mapping is the secret to satisfying search intent. Search intent is the reason that drives a user to perform a search on Google (or any other search engine). A keyword phrase is what the user types into the search bar to perform their search query. If your website answers their query best, the search […]

How to Measure Purchase Decision Period With Paid Advertising

Decoding the period between a customer’s first interaction with your brand and the time when the actual purchase is made has always been a challenging task for marketers. Having the ability to predict this type of data is the key for brands to better understand their customers, set customer expectations, and forecast each ad dollar’s […]