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About Author: Global Tech Council envisions to impart world class training in technologies such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Internet of things, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Machine learning and much more.

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What’s the way to be a computer scientist?

Awareness is the world and a lot of science is inspired. While both of us are surprised by scientific advancement worldwide, we cannot ignore the fact that data scientists clearly need the different knowledge that is available to us. The role of a data scientist is to research and gain useful information of this capacity. […]

What is the easiest way to learn virtual reality?

Fascinating has become a reality, and technology has played a vital role in having it come true. Augmented reality has made it possible for us to be in the position that we want without really going there. Yeah, that is VR or AR for you. A system that originally began as a virtual gaming environment […]

What’s the right structure for a chatbot?

Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook and more only call the programme and in all these segments you can notice the popularity of the chatbots. These programmed technologies are known as the best solution for businesses seeking to address their customer’s questions, as well as chatbot services. Chatbot systems have many benefits such as customer assistance right over […]

How is the study of computing separate from data science?

The software sector is booming with possibilities and blooming with them. The tech world produces a flood of possibilities for everyone, with too many inventions making their way into the average man’s life, with its myriad of applications. You do not see yourself standing away from technology and anticipating positive development in the future, whether […]

Digital REALITY against AUGMENTED REALITY against Hybrid REALITY

The margin between the fictional and real universe begins to break down, providing breathtaking experiences that could only be discovered a short time ago in the imagination of science fiction authors. For several years, virtual reality has been the “next important thing,” but ultimately its time has arrived as a way to create immersive visuals, […]

Where are the right educational centres for cybersecurity?

Interest in cybersecurity has skyrocketed in recent years, due to the rising dependency on digital media networks and the growing need to protect those places. It is a reality that a porous canvas is a synthetic environment that is susceptible to data leaks and security threats. The need for cybersecurity skills has escalated to address […]

Which is better for data analysis: R or Python?

One of the leading innovations has been machine learning; it is an offshoot of AI and finds a multitude of applications. Machine learning ‘s primary objective is to construct an application or move the devices to work as per the algorithm. Experts of machine learning operate to build computers that work much like humans. The […]

What value would an MBA bring for a data scientist?

The journey of an MBA to become a data scientist is an unconventional journey one, but something that all MBA graduates should be looking at. Without a doubt, data science is one of the growing fields and is the hottest selling skill which is attracting a lot of attention to freshers and even working professionals. […]