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Name: Gyan Ganga
About Author: Gyan Ganga International School, top international school in jabalpur is a wonder of Shree Wardhaman Vidya Vihar Educational Academy, a chain of schools and colleges in central India where the ever-flowing perpetual stream of Ganga of Gyan blessed the revered expansion of knowledge with regards to Hi-Tech advanced schooling system.

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Why physical education is important for students?

Students get a lot of benefits from physical activity. That’s why physical education classesis organized in every schools. Physical education classes can assist students to become more aware from healthy lifestyle. The students can hold a more significant level of information as a result’s of the overall health. This information can help them with to […]

How to choose the best schools?

Education is your child’s fundamental right and it is the utmost responsibility of a parent to ensure that they get the best education. in that regard, choosing the best suitable school is the most important decision. That is because a good education depends on his future. The questions arise, how can you choose a school […]

Why learning at school is better than learning at home?

Learning at home is simply learning through different online modes using laptops, PC, and smartphones. Whereas learning in school is where teachers and students meet regularly and learn from them through various activities. Many educational institutions are perusing virtual classes, but there are still many schools that have established and understand the importance of classroom […]

Why residential school students are better than day boarding school students?

The main idea behind the concept of boarding school is to shape the personality of a child and provide them with extraordinary learning through experiences. In a top international school in Jabalpur Gyan Ganga International School (GGIS), children learn from different experiences within the school during their academic and non-academic sessions and then return home to their […]

What is the difference between boarding school and residential school?

Education and schooling play and vital part in one’s life. One of the major choice which parents have to make is to ensure that their kids get the best education and learning environment in the selection of school and whether it will be a day boarding or a residential school. According to the upgraded curriculum, […]

What are the facilities offered by Gyan Ganga International School GGIS?

In many countries today, it has been seen that guardians have started to rely on residential schools for quality education. One significant reason behind this is the discipline in each area that a child starts to adopt at a young age. Also, students in such live-in institutions are presented with different exercises and learning that […]

Which Residential School Is Best In Jabalpur?

Residential schools are educational institutions where students study, lodge and board. These schools have arisen in the training scenario against demand from parents who have adaptable positions, abroad postings, and extensive traveling work profiles. Boarding schools ensure that the offspring of such guardians move a usual home away from home, learn in safe conditions and […]