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Choose Your Playground for this Extreme Sport

Longboarding/Skateboarding can be practiced at a lot of places, mainly categorized in Water and Land. Some people prefer this on land whereas the other get thrill in their bones when they hear water, particularly beaches. This sport is now added in Olympics as well for the first time which has boosted the participation of people. […]

Skateboard longboard features and other important facts to know

Skateboarding is one of the popular sports of modern days that derived from surfboarding. This is not a recent introduction in the list of sports but there is no lack of popularity of the game. This is not just a game of entertainment but the game has become now a team sport and competitive sport. […]

Unique peculiarities of popular skateboards

There are large varieties of skateboards available in the market. Each of those is designed to meet certain needs of the riders and give them the best riding experience. People are highly fond of doing skateboarding to be a part of a free ride or participating in numerous racings. It gives a sense of thrill […]

How to use longboard for landsurfing with the help of longboard paddle

For many of us, land surfing sounds like madness but it is one of the best sports especially in those places where water surfing is no longer fun. As far as people would want to try new things, landsurfing comes into picture whenever the thought of trying a new type of surfing is concerned. Landsurfing, […]

What are Importance of buying an original longboard from the right longboard skateboard shop?

Sometimes, as much as we love skating or surfing using a skate surf, we may encounter challenges when deciding on the right shop to buy longboards that are original. That brings us to the need to be aware of the importance crucial for determining the right longboard skateboard shop to buy the skates from. If […]

Skating becomes more enjoyable with a variety of skate boards

Skating is like medicine to some of us and that means that if they don’t skate, they will certainly feel like they are bored. However, it is very crucial to understand the differences and the benefits of each skate board. There is a huge rift of beneficial difference between longboard skateboard and the surf skate. […]

Best performing stakeboards in Market

Each skateboard and longboards have vehicles at the bottom, however, they’re very distinctive. Skateboards having trucks which are stiff, that make them ideal for grinds and let the tricks less complicated to carry out. Skateboard trucks use conventional kingpin (tkp). They arrive in a spread of sizes and preferably, you need to select the one […]

Today’s excitement for riders- Skateboard

  Skateboarding is a sport being enjoyed by people and it involves riding and doing tricks on the streets. We can also say it is a recreational activity, an entertainment industry job, an art form. While being on skateboard you should not mind falling down, or bailing, rather you will learn more and you will […]


Do you love surfing; here is the time to enjoy surfing with skateboards. Skateboards are designed to surf the city on wheels.  For land surfers, we manufacture the best quality handcrafted popular longboards land paddles and street stand up paddle boards. These days you will find the skateboards according to your choice very easily just browsing […]