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Top Endoscopic Spine Surgery Centre In Delhi & Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)

If you are suffering from spinal problems, visiting Delhi for endoscopic spine surgery is important. You might want to consider visiting endoscopic spine surgery in Delhi for several reasons. First and foremost, Delhi has a long history of excellence in healthcare, particularly neurosurgery. The city’s top medical facilities are known worldwide for their expertise in […]

How Do You Find the Right Specialist For Any Disease?

Most of the time, we choose doctors from a relative’s referral or someone close to the house. It is a good way to start, But do you think it is reliable? No, because you should always pick the right specialist for your problems. Whether you need a neurologist or sickle cell anemia treatment in India, […]

Cochlear Implant Surgery in India and Its Perks

Cochlear implant and hearing: For all those who suffer from hearing impairments, cochlear implants can be a blessing in disguise. It is a medical procedure in which a tiny yet complex electrical device called the cochlear implant is placed under the skin behind the ear. With the use of the best cochlear implant in India, […]

An Overview on Liver Transplant Surgery

One of the body’s most important organs, the liver aids digestion by breaking down nutrients and excreting waste products. Proteins that are important for blood coagulation are produced by this enzyme, as well as bile juice, which is necessary for digestion. A liver transplant replaces a sick or damaged liver with a healthy one from […]