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When to select a fixed price model for your project?

We want to create great creative works by custom website design services, invoices, revenue streams, or change orders. However, knowing how to price a project is very important to the long-term success of your business. If you do not set the correct price, you may not be able to continue your business. Setting the price […]

7 Types of Creative Writing Every Writer Should Know

There are many types of creative writing. It varies based on the writer, the subject matter, and the audience. Every type of creative piece has a clear purpose and a set of rules. However, as per a academic writing book, here are 7 types of creative writing that every writer should know:   Short Story   […]

Creative writing harder than writing an essay.

An essay can reveal a whole story and be very descriptive, but there is no running away from the complicated and quick rules near creating an article. Creative writing, on the other hand, is where the essay writers go to let themselves go. Anyone can write essay writing creatively, and creative writing is the place […]