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Improved Approaches in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Previously, a doctor at any oncology center would diagnose pancreatic cancer, which would be the end of your hopes. But now, thanks to new treatment methods, people with this cancer live much longer than before.   The Full Picture   A CT or MRI scan is usually used to identify cancer’s location and possible spread. A traditional […]

BCG Cancer Treatment: A Breakthrough in Cancer Research

BCG cancer treatment is a new and promising area of cancer research. This treatment uses a live bacteria to stimulate the immune system and kill cancer cells. BCG treatment is still in the early stages of research, but it has already shown great promise in treating various types of cancers. This article will explore BCG […]

Seven Signs of Lung Cancer you need to know about

Lung cancer is a severe and life-threatening disease, and if you are diagnosed with it, it is essential that you know the signs and symptoms to look for. In this article, we will go over the seven most common signs of lung cancer so that you can be as prepared as possible when they happen.   […]

7 Things you need to know about Cancer before going to your Doctor

Take the time to keep yourself informed on things that matter!  It can be scary to be diagnose with cancer or even to think you might have cancer. But it’s crucial to remember that your doctor is there to help you and that treatments are available. This article will give you seven things you need […]

Bone cancer: What it is and what treatments are available?

Bone cancer is one of the rarest type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the bones. The most common type of bone cancer is osteosarcoma, which usually develops in the long bones of the arms and legs. Although bone cancer can occur at any age, it is most commonly diagnosed in children and […]

9 Ways to Improve your life after Cancer

Cancer survivors can have a lot of difficulty adjusting to their new life post-treatment. We know the struggle and worry that comes with these challenging times, but it is possible to make positive strides in your life after cancer. In this article, we look at 9 ways to improve your life after cancer.   After cancer […]

Guide to finding the Best Oncologist in your area if you are suffering from Cancer

As a person who is struggling with cancer, finding the best oncologist can be very difficult. You need to ensure that you find a doctor who will not only provide good care and treatment but also one that will work well with your current treatment plans. With so many options to choose from, it can […]

Breast Cancer Awareness: 5 Facts you need to know

Breast Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer found amongst women and the second leading cause of death. Which makes it essential to educate yourself on breast cancer so you can help make a difference. In this article, we highlight five facts on breast cancer that can save your life or the […]

What You Need to know about Chemotherapy?

The main aim of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells. In order to do this, the body’s immune system gets stronger. Chemotherapy increases the body’s immunity by making it more sensitive towards cancer-fighting substances like white blood cells and natural killer cells. But it does not only work for cancer patients but also for people […]

What is radiation treatment: Know Here

Radiation treatment is a technique of using high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells’ DNA and remove their ability to reproduce and grow. This technique is administered using linear accelerator equipment or radioactive sources implanted in the patient either temporarily or permanently. In cancer patients, radiation therapy can be used to treat cancer, relieve pain, and […]