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7 Tips to Hire a Dedicated Developer For Outsourcing

Passion for technology and the right experience for each project is what makes a great talented dedicated developer. Their expertise and professionalism help businesses accelerate crucial parts of software features and increase revenue. App and web development companies today have the leverage to extend their existing core team. Hire dedicated developer for your project who can assist […]

Choosing The Best App Development Company For My Restaurant Business

Ever since the advent of smartphones, mobile apps have been a serial part of our lives. From ordering delicacies to making appointments, everything utilizes mobile apps. That is why most people cannot imagine their lives without smartphones and mobile apps. We hardly see anyone who is not using a smartphone in present times. Needless to […]

7 B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media is one of the premier tools for B2B marketing companies. In fact, B2B companies can rely more on social media than B2C companies. It is basically a cycle of sales, the basis of which is a relationship between different businesses. So, social media can be a very important part of the marketing strategy […]

Complete Guide on How Does Cryptocurrency Exchange Works?

From barter to banknotes, money has gone through a series of dynamic changes and we all are well-versed about them. But regardless of shape, size or material, money itself holds no significance physical value. However, money gets its value because everyone accepts it as a medium of exchange. Recently, digital currency exchange is becoming popular […]

Why Is Online Fantasy Cricket Game Popular In India

Sporting apps and websites have been an intrinsic part of our industry for a very long period of time. Even other countries such as the UK and the USA have successfully managed to make a spot for the amazing industry. Forbes got a report that the American National Football League is a very popular fantasy […]

How Rapid Application Development brought speed in software development

What if you are building a house for yourself and halfway through you realize that you have to make a major change in the structural design of the house? That will be pure chaos. The same applies to development in any field including software. Thanks to Rapid Application Development, you don’t have to worry anymore […]

How To Develop Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

Dream11 is one of the most popular and trending fantasy app in the Indian subcontinent. It has emerged to become one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports genre of mobile applications. With more than 20 million active users, Dream11, as a result, continues to lead the fantasy app crusade. This application is popular […]