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Name: Hold Breaker
About Author: HoldBreaker is a well-known and applauded online store which is known for providing uniquely designed climb wear for men and women. Solely run by woman, HoldBreaker strives hard to shape the outlook of climbing industry and encouraging people to go for climbing with free-spirit and style.

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Why do Climbers Need Specialised Climbing Clothing?

For us who have been climbing for a while will at some point notice that ourt-shirts, office shirts/tops, hoodies and jackets are starting to become tight around the arms, shoulders and back. This is because climbing forces us to use the muscles in our upper bodies more than before. The deltoid muscles that sits on […]

How to Find Comfort in Climbing?

The human brain is extremely powerful. If you decide that you can do something, you will be able to do it. Your mind will make you believe that you can do it and also make sure that you do what you planned. But, there is a difference in doing something and doing something comfortably. When […]

How Can Your Clothing Affect Your Climbing Experience?

Think of the last time you were climbing? How was your experience? We hope your experience was great! But, we want you to reconsider some details. Did you have to adjust your clothes while you were climbing? Did you feel like you could have tackled the ascent in a better way in much less time […]

Set Yourself Free With Comfortable Climbing Top

Rock climbing is a tough sport that demands both mental and physical strength. To enjoy rock climbing it’s important to feel comfortable. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, you would never want to wear something that is restricting your movements. But, if you are ready to feel comfortable and set yourself […]

Choose the Right Climb Wear to Enjoy the Ascent

Someone has rightly said that the best view comes after the toughest climb. Being a climber, you have most likely experienced the sheer ecstasy of sending a project! Climbers, especially female climbers have been known to have broken free from the shackles of a society that once said they couldn’t do it! Whether it is […]

5 Ways Climbing Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Climbing has gained popularity in recent years, there are more and more people who have joined this very exciting sport. As the number of climbers are increasing, so is the awareness about how it can benefit your physical and mental health. There has also been an increase in awareness about the exact clothing that is […]

Choosing the Perfect Clothes For Rock Climbing – Now Made Easy

Rock climbing can be a very interesting sport, both when practiced indoors and outdoors. From being physically challenging to giving the much-needed adrenaline rush, there is nothing that this sport lacks. Also, it helps you create a mental strong point where you are ready to face any obstacle that comes your way. But, no sport […]

Get Perfect Climbing Clothes from a Trusted Online Store

Are you thinking about giving something a new try? If yes, then why not give rock climbing a go? When it comes to climbing, people often think that this activity is only for people looking for physical activity. But it is not true. Rock climbing demands coordination of both the mind and body. So, if […]

Climbing Clothing: A Beginner’s Guide

There is no dearth of things that can motivate or encourage you. Just a simple video or an article in a magazine is enough to make you want to try new things and go on adventures unknown. If you are among those who have read or watched videos about rock climbing and are all too […]

Keep climbing with the right clothes!

Rock climbing is a fun activity which demands the coordination of both the mind and body. It is a challenging sport which people like as it pushes them beyond their comfort zone. Although rock climbing is not a traditional sport, it will surely help you change the way you live by building your confidence. If […]