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6 Facts of Overhydration Seniors and Family Caregivers Must Know

Almost 80 percent of the major body functions depend on water to work properly and efficiently. Drinking sufficient amount of water each day helps the body to regulate body temperature, flush waste material, prevent constipation, and many other essential functions. Many seniors do not consume enough water due to lack of thirst, which home care […]

6 Healthy Habits of Seniors Who Want to Age Well

Staying healthy means eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, which is important when it comes to aging gracefully. There are many diseases, which may affect every part of the body, including the hair, skin, heart, or muscles. The professional senior care experts at Home Care Assistance of Mesa has shared 6 everyday habits seniors […]

Top 5 Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

Social activities help people to make new friends and keep the brain healthy. It can reduce work-related stress and encourage seniors to live a happy life. Here are a few benefits of social activities shared by Mesa home care professionals. Maintain and Build New Relationships Humans need social interaction on a regular basis, whether they […]

Why Should Seniors Eat Ginger Regularly

Ginger contains potassium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and antioxidants that help treat nausea, fatigue, cholesterol, and arthritis. Seniors can consume ginger in moderate amounts and reap its health benefits. Mesa home care experts discuss a few ways in which ginger can be beneficial for seniors.