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Name: Houseof EM5
About Author: HouseofEM5 is the house of varied fragrances that are designed with love, care and conscious thought. Whether you are looking for a signature everyday style or a fragrance that can make special occasions more special, HouseofEM5 will have the perfect bottle of fragrance that will fit your pocket, literally and figuratively!

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Celebrate Your Daughter and Her Amazing Personality with Luxurious Perfume

If you have a daughter, you would agree that she is the light of your life and there is nothing you would not do for her. When she is such a crucial part of your life, did you give her a gift to mark her special day dedicated to celebrating her amazing personality and just […]

Spot Fake Perfume With Us!

Have you ever wondered how many companies out there are selling fake perfume at an original price? Well, the answer is a lot. Yes, you have read that right! The duplicate perfumes have captured the market to an extent that you can come across it in local and online stores too often. And do you […]

Choose Different Perfume for Different Occasions

We all love perfumes and we all apply it all the time but there is one thing that we don’t know about it. We know it’s shocking and believe us, even we were surprised. But sadly, it is true. There is one main thing that we have been ignoring for a long time. And it’s […]

Interesting Perfume Gift Idea According to Personality

Oh, hello! We know why you are here (we totally do). You are looking for a perfect gift for one of your friends who is on your “nice” list, right? Of course, it is true. After all, why would you take all the effort to find something so great? And the best thing is that […]

Pocket Perfume: A Handy Tool to Smell Fragrant All Day Long

How does your daily routine look like? Does it go something like this: commute to the office, meetings, lunch break, after-work drinks, a quick catch-up with your girlfriend? Oh! did we just forget grocery shopping on the way back home? Phew! Seems like you are always on the go! So, what do you think is […]

Luxurious Fragrance Gift Sets: The Most Alluring Gift for Loved Ones

Did your partner just receive a promotion at his job? Well, congratulations to him for his success and we wish him all the luck for the future. Although it is easy for us to just wish, you on the other hand, being his partner, need to give him a luxurious appreciation gift. What do you […]

Buy Luxurious Perfume Based on Your Skin Type to Smell Great

Have you ever experienced that the luxurious fragrance you bought didn’t make you smell as fragrant as expected, instead made you smell unpleasant or neutral? If yes, you are not alone! You might know that everyone has different body chemistry. This is affected by numerous factors such as general health, diet, hormones, changing seasons. Of […]

Buy Mesmerising Men’s Fragrances from HouseofEM5

The Virgo season has just begun and we are sure you must have someone in your friend list who would be celebrating their birthday this season. As you know, Virgos are quite particular with what they like and what they don’t, do not risk giving them anything that comes to your mind first? Virgos are […]

Know How to Make Your Perfume Last a More Longer

Have you ever noticed that the aromatic perfume you are spraying only lasts for a couple of hours even after promising to stay all day long? We assume that you have. But do you know why this happens? There are two possible reasons for it. First, you don’t know the right way of applying a […]

HouseofEM5: Offering True Perfume and Sense of Luxury at Exciting Prices

Looking your best and making an impression wherever you go is of the utmost importance. And therefore, we know that you put in a lot of effort to build your style with the right clothing. But do you think that just the right styled clothes will help you in standing out of the crowd? If […]