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What Data Sources Can You Extract From With Pentaho Kettle PDI

The training program of Pentaho focuses on data integration. It fuses and blends data in such a way as to provide you with a perfect picture. You need actionable insights, and this is where facts, figures, inputs and data are going to come in handy. But things are not going to work out, if you […]

When to Use Pentaho Kettle ETL

Data integration is mandatory when you are dealing with a voluminous collection of data. You need to use the data to your advantage so that it gives you the opportunity for drawing the future course of action. The latter is realizable only if you have a tool for integrating, analyzing and interpreting the data. It […]

Data Integration: A Single Source for Truth

Introduction Business data has proved to be quite useful. It’s vital to any business irrespective of the niche or industry. Interestingly, business data if not properly processed and handled, may prove to be of less importance and significance to the business. To ensure that such data provides its full benefits to the organization, those responsible […]

Data Integration: A Key in Driving Business Strategies

Introduction Business data today is more complex than it was some few years ago. There is, therefore, a growing need among business executives to simplify data and make it easier for analysis. Every organization at one point or another has dealt with big data challenges has grappled with the best method of making such data […]

Pentaho Data Integration Tool: Could it Be What You Business Needs?

Introduction With increasing competition, businesses are constantly innovating new ways of staying ahead of the competition. One of the strategies which most businesses are embracing is a data-driven decision-making process. To ensure that there is sufficient data to aid decision making, businesses exploit different IT tools to gather a wide array of data. Over time, […]

Data Integration: A Challenge for Business Growth

Introduction As businesses grow, data is usually generated and garnered from different sources. Over time, the managers realize that they have to go through chunks of data to make strategic decisions. This is especially the case when such decision-making tasks involve the analysis of data from different divisions. Today, businesses gather much data from different […]