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Migrate and Integrate Data at Speed Using InfoCepts’ Real-Time Data Streamer

Gaining actionable data is easier with a real-time data streamer or RTDS, which is one of the innovative data integration services provided by InfoCepts. With this solution, you can get the data at the time you need it. You are no longer constrained by the wait times associated with data gathering, processing, and distribution which are […]

Elevate Customer Experience with Purpose-Built Customer Data Platforms

As more organizations and businesses realize the importance of delivering outstanding services and follow that trend, the need for exceptional customer experience (CX) is expected to grow. Leading customer-focused companies are proving the benefits of having a customer data platform (CDP) to elevate their CX initiatives. These companies are starting to aggregate data from their Voice of […]

Essentials to Get Your Data Strategy Right

Choosing the right modern data architecture model for your business is a crucial and difficult decision. Luckily, you do not have to pick just one architectural pattern and ignore the rest. There is wisdom in combining data lake, mesh, fabric, and other frameworks into a hybrid data architecture model that serves your business goals. This […]

Six Things to Consider in a Cloud Readiness Assessment

A recent IDG cloud computing survey reveals that 90% of enterprises have either already implemented cloud or are planning to implement it soon. It is no surprise that cloud is quickly becoming the preferred platform and model for analytics deployment within any enterprise. After all, businesses that use insights-driven analytics grow faster by 30% each […]

Tips to Build Effective Data Pipelines to Support your DataOps Strategy

At the center of DataOps is a continuous flow of data for analytics — the data pipeline. It is the backbone for streamlining the lifecycle of data collection, preparation, management, and development for machine learning, AI, and analytics. A solid data pipeline strategy involves planning both for creating new pipelines as well as enhancing existing […]

The Essentials of a Sound Cloud Migration Strategy

Moving your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics apps onto a cloud platform makes it more adaptable and scalable, not to mention having modern infrastructure and the latest features at your disposal. However, the shift from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud is far from simple. In fact, a survey of 400 IT professionals by iLand […]

Lift and Shift or Modernize – Which Migration Strategy Should You Use to Migrate Your Analytics Apps to the Cloud?

The lift and shift cloud migration method may seem affordable and straightforward, but it is not always the right choice. It is important to weigh its pros and cons and also consider the long-term organizational goals before choosing it for your business. Lift and shift vs. re-factoring The simplest and most affordable way to move […]

Top Four Data & Analytics Cloud Migration Use Cases

Organizations on a modernization path usually opt for Cloud migration for accelerating, automating, and advancing their data-driven decisions. Migrating data and analytics (D&A) to the cloud is a crucial step toward modernization and improving business outcomes. If you’re still having second thoughts about migrating your D&A to the cloud, here are some cloud migration case studies that […]

How to Prepare Yourself for a Career in Data Analytics

Businesses are dealing with more data than ever before. It is no surprise that the number of data and analytics jobs has exploded by 650% since 2012, according to LinkedIn. This demand opens up exciting opportunities for university graduates seeking to build data and analytics careers. There are many ways to enter this field, even […]

A Practical Guide for Migrating Data Systems totheCloud

Moving data systems to the cloud has many advantages – including improved speed,flexibility and agility while reducing costs. Companies with large volumes of unorganized data face numerous challenges in migrating to the cloud. To increase the chances of migration success, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy for overcoming various implementation and adoption issues […]