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Benefits of two-wheeler loan

Banks provide different types of loans for different reasons. There are home loans if you want to buy a home, there are personal loans if you are looking for lump-sum money for a variety of personal purposes, then there is a car loan for buying the car. Like these loans, there is a two-wheeler loan […]

How to register for the BHIM app?

Majority of the citizens in India rely on technology for a comfortable lifestyle. Almost all businesses have included it in their daily schedule to complete tasks and communicate effectively. It has reduced the burden of manual labour and made things fast, secure and convenient. They have also become accessible to people living in urban and […]

How to choose the best car loan?

Are you planning to avail of a car loan? Choosing the right car loan is a difficult choice. There are so many banks and financing institutions that offer a car loan to the people. Now, it becomes difficult for the borrower to decide which car loan is the best. If you also want to know […]

5 Factors to consider while applying for foreign education loan

According to a study, India was ranked as the second-highest country in sending students overseas for studies. This comes although India has some top-notch universities and educational institutes. Globalisation, ease of payment, and availability of quality universities get attributed to the migration of students from India. What is foreign education loan about, and how does […]

What is the difference between an instant savings account and a salary account?

The first bank account we generally open is an instant savings account. Whether it for a minor, joint account, etc. there are variations to them. But each of them has minor differences concerning features. When you begin your career and seek employment, the companies offer a unique account called a salary account. They are different […]

What are the ways to enhance home loan eligibility?

If you seek to apply for home loans, using the home loan eligibility calculator is imperative nowadays. This tool helps you find the loan amount you are eligible for and the payable EMIs. You can also enhance the eligibility of the loan in a hassle-free manner. Following are the ways to do so – Applying […]

How does the SSY scheme benefit the girls of India?

In Indian culture, all families consider the girl child as a blessing and a boon. They are the pride of the family. Many schemes and programmes are introduced by the Government of India to promote their welfare. Such facilities and benefits are one of the main reasons for a successful and influential democracy. The primary […]

Which are a different kind of Mercedes Benz genuine spare parts?

This luxury automobile company combines the entire expertise of Mercedes Benz as a vehicle manufacturer. Spare parts designed by the company are developed especially for Mercedes Benz vehicles, and they are optimally adjusted for almost every model. The Mercedes Benz genuine spare parts are built with the same quality standards and tools. Some of the […]

How many mutual funds investments to include in a portfolio?

People make multiple investments in a year to increase their returns. Surviving on the salary alone cannot assure a secure future. There are many investment tools that people can use for a financially secured background and pay for emergencies. An investor should write down all the investments that they make in a year to see […]

How to file a claim under the PMSBY policy?

In 2015, the Indian Prime Minister of India launched different social security schemes keeping in mind the members of the economically weaker sections of the society. Plans for affordable housing, pension schemes, and insurance plans were launched to help these members get the benefits that are mainly available to sections of the society who can […]