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5 Top Reasons Why Valued Employees Quit Their Jobs

When employees resign, the reasons are usually obvious or maybe commonplace, such as feeling undervalued or pursuing other opportunities. However, when an employee is about to leave a company, most employers are already aware of it. According to Robert Walters, in Asia, there is about 85% of employers claim they can already anticipate when someone […]

5 Ways Interior Design Can Help Your Mental Health

After a long day at work, we’ve all returned home exhausted. Perhaps you’ve encountered anxiety as a result of a job emergency. Maybe you had a quarrel with a family member. It’s possible that you’ve lost a crucial game. Or perhaps you’ve lost a loved one. Our instincts advise us to return home after a […]

8 Style Tips to Liven Up Your Black-and-White Interiors

Nothing is more elegant, stylish, or classic than a black-and-white interior. Architects and interior designers love the high-contrast relationship of these two colours and it became their inspiration in the creative purity and fundamental glamour of a colour palette lessened to its essential elements.  Although it may seem easy to design in black and white, […]

6 Annoying Things Guests Do That Hotel Staff Can’t Stand

It takes a lot of patience and professionalism to work in the customer service industry. It’s no easy venture to provide the clients with anything they need as long as it’s in check with the hotel’s rules. Nevertheless, a hotel is only as great as their next review, which means that the staff needs to […]

Things to Know About Lilyfield + Places to See

Lilyfield is a beautiful suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. It covers an area of 2.159 square kilometres and has a recorded population of 7617 residents. Lilyfield is quiet by nature but it’s defined by amazing architecture that mirrors its intriguing history, Iron Cove and surrounding parklands.  The suburb is pretty family orientated and […]

Understanding Depreciation: What Business Assets Can Be Depreciated?

If you’re a business owner and you’re wondering what can be depreciated, well, you can depreciate almost any type of tangible property including equipment vehicles, machinery, buildings, and furniture. You may have business assets that are depreciable that have a lifespan and can be deemed as a business expense. Also, according to the IRS, you […]

Most Common Reasons Why Employers Get Sued and How to Minimize Risks

Every employer dreams to have a happy and satisfying workplace. However, there can inevitable circumstances where a business may need to lay off a few people to keep the company afloat. It may a ruthless proposition, but if it’s necessary, business owners would need to do it. Of course, employees must be able to have […]

Truck Drivers Safety: 7 Essential Defensive Driving Tips

Driver safety has always been a significant topic in the truck driving industry. A lot of accidents and injuries can be avoided if drivers follow specific safety procedures.  If you own delivery business, keeping all of your drivers safe on the road isn’t only crucial for their health and well-being. Their safety has a huge […]

Football Kits Brief History: Everything You Need to Know

Most football fans these days probably own a football shirt or more. This is also the reason why kits have been made and became popular, whether it’s the current season or the most awaited retro versions. Kits today come in different colours and fabrics and have come on leaps and bounds in a brief space […]

Don’t Regret These Things in Life When You Get Older! The Top 10 Things

They say that time is gold, and it’s true. It can pass faster than you can ever imagine. Moments in life can go by so fast too! It’s here today, goes away tomorrow, and when it’s too late, you’ll realize that you’re sitting around in your home in sweatpants questioning where all that time went. […]