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The Ultimate Resume Checklist to Help You Land Your Dream Job

  Your Resume Matters You’ve been in the workforce for a decent amount of time and have built a thriving career, but maybe you’re ready to take the leap and nail down the job of your dreams. Even as an established professional, you must make yourself marketable and present employers with a resume that delivers […]

7 LinkedIn Competitors Connecting Companies with Top Talent

In the digital world, connecting with others and keeping track of your connections is easier than ever. The rise of social media has changed the way we connect with people forever, and for professionals, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most prominent networking sites where users can post their resumes, keep in touch with […]

What Is Programmatic Job Advertising & How to Recruit Faster

The recruitment process is changing. The workforce is demanding new and better working conditions; conditions reflecting the shifts in work culture. These shifts represent unprecedented demands for diversity, remote work, comfortable working environments, and essentially better deals for employees than people had come to accept previously. This has sent recruiters scrambling to find the perfect […]

5 Out of The Box Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Talent

The job market has never been more competitive than in the post- COVID-19 world. Coupled with the Great Resignation, firms are losing skilled employees, but these exceptionally talented workers are likewise pursuing new career opportunities. Traditional methods of plain word-based job posts won’t work any longer when you are trying to attract top talent. Ensuring your […]

common resume mistakes

It’s common to make mistakes when writing a resume. In fact, it’s hard not to make some kind of mistake. However, there are ways to avoid common resume mistakes and ensure that your resume stands out from the rest. Before jumping in to discuss the common resume mistakes, let us understand about what to include […]

Resume Objectives: 10 Examples and a Step-by-Step Guide

Most resumes include standard sections, such as the objective, work experience, education, and accomplishments. The objective typically comes first in any resume, so it gives you an opportunity to make a strong impression on the hiring manager. Since 84% of resumes come across as impersonal, according to DevSkiller, your objective should showcase your unique personality and […]

How to Create Work Samples That Enhance Your Application

When you apply for a competitive position, you may need to submit more than just a resume. Many employers require candidates to provide work samples so they can assess the quality of your work. After all, over 80% of hiring executives consider experience critical to your application, according to Finances Online. A work sample can […]

How to Make a Video Resume in 8 Steps

When you apply for a great job, chances are you’re far from the only candidate. In fact, you could be competing against dozens or hundreds of other qualified candidates. So how can you set yourself apart from the competition? Creating a video resume can help you attract attention while showcasing your skills and personality, especially […]

How and When to Request a Reference for Resumes

Hiring managers often require candidates to provide a reference for resumes as a way to verify their experience or learn more about how they might fit into the workplace. Choosing references who can vouch for your professional potential and your personality in the workplace is critical to a compelling application. So how do you write […]

100+ Power Words to Make Your Resume Stand Out

When you apply for a job, you compete against countless other qualified candidates. In the era of COVID-19, you’re unlikely to have an in-person interview, so video resumes and cover letters are quickly becoming a main staple in the recruiting process. As a result, it’s more important than ever before to make sure your resume stands […]