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How to Make a Unique Username

You should have a unique username as it more attracts the viewers to visit on your account and follow you. It doesn’t matter where you are using your username, on social networking sites or for bank purpose. It is hard to find a unique username which should not match with the other user’s profile. If […]

How to Move MS Office to a New System

If you want to deactivate the MS Office in the system, then you have to first uninstall the old system on the MS account. After that, you can activate MS office on a new system. In case you have an old version of MS Office, then it cannot be moved to a new system. You […]

How to Mute Ringer and Alerts on the Apple Watch

When you are watching the movie in the theater or attending an office meeting, and you don’t want to receive any notification sound from the Apple Watch. Sometimes you consider muting the sound or vibration that you receive from the Apple Watch so that you don’t get disturbed when doing any essential work. Instead of […]

How to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working Issue?

Just follow these tips and get rid of the blurred photos. If the iPhone camera doesn’t work, then it can stem from some issues of software to lens blockage. Go through the below-given tips to get rid of that blurred picture issue. Some simple and essential fixes It can be a cause for panic if […]

4 Common PC Issues and Their Solutions

Your computer can certainly have many problems. They range from a number of possible error messages to severe failures of hardware. There are several causes for these issues as well. Many of these issues are rarely seen. Most problems faced by the computer are failures and standard errors. If you are encountering the same problems, […]

How to Fix iPad that isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi

We all face some issues while working on the internet. But sometimes they prove to be detrimental. Well, the good news is that they can be solved very quickly. It’s very easy as going from one place to other one. Before moving on to the broader issue of troubleshooting. Don’t forget to try these tips […]

Spider-Man PS4: New Fantastic Four Costumes For The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Sony is on a streak for introducing new and latest in-game content for its Spider-Man PS4 game, and this time it has included new Fantastic Four related content. Marvel fans are up for a treat as their friendly neighborhood Spidey will now be featured in two new costumes to play within the game.     […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Update brings Piranha Plant and Multiplayer mode for Spirit Board

Nintendo has been providing patches and updates for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on regular bases, and continuing this trend Nintendo has rolled out its latest 2.00 update for the title.                                                 […]

How to Clear Cache and Free up Space on Fire TV Devices

Fire TV and its devices need more power to play video even 4K videos. Although some general problems like lagging, slower performance, app crashes are present in the device. If you also face these issues with your Fire TV, then read on.                           […]

How To Solve Windows 10 Not Working Issue?

Windows is a popular operating system. A non-responsive Windows on PC can be quite annoying and frustrating. The consequences of non-responding Windows 10 consists of frozen programs or the cursor will not work at all. There can also be a reason that many of the applications operating in the background can slow down the PC. […]