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Get To Rule The Global Trend With Nft Marketplace Development

With the Blockchain technology in the marketplace, the craze for Non-fungible tokens is hyped. Since 2017, the NFT marketplace has not been so well addressed whereas in 2020 there were 80,000 NFT transferred every week. And in the first three months of 2021, the growth of the NFT marketplace was immense. Nearly two billion U.S.D […]

Boost your food delivery business with apps like Swiggy and UberEats Clone app development with improved business models.

Food is love, and Food delivery apps with their extended services cater love with extra care. Through UberEats Clone, they facilitate effective delivery service, no contact delivery, multiple payment facilities, and much more to facilities they cater to their food delivery service with perfection. These effective services have increased users for the app.  For a […]

Promote your business activity with Dunzo clone app development to increase visibility

Delivery services are experiencing increasing demand with the growth of the E-commerce sector. The market experiences a demanding delivery service, and with the advent of the internet, most e-commerce platforms expect delivery service facilitated through online applications like Dunzo clone. Then single stream delivery service, a versatile tool, is expected like Dunzo clones that facilitate […]

Get your robust food delivery app like UberEats clone launched with INORU.

Amidst the other businesses, the need and reach for Food delivery service has widened in all directions. Many business entrepreneurs require new strategies to implement in their food delivery app to push it to a vast audience. INORU, to overcome this dilemma, offers you the entrepreneur with advanced white label featured apps like Ubereats clone.  […]

Take your Food delivery service to beam heights with Inoru

Food delivery services are becoming very common these days. As most of us are very convenient in ordering food to get delivered at the doorstep, the need for a food delivery service that provides ordering and delivery facilities is increasing. The alarming demand for food delivery services leads to food delivery applications like Swiggy clones, […]

Launch an Uber For Mechanic Service App with INORU

Self-employment is vastly growing to increase job opportunities and reduce unemployment in the society. Yet, it is still daring for an individual to create such opportunities for himself. And very few come out to take risks. And Uber for Mechanics is a portal that offers a mobile mechanical service to those in need. To make […]