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Know about Merchant Navy Courses and jobs after course

The Merchant Marine Officer performs duties of responsibility and supervision on all commercial vessels (passenger or freight). It can be specialized (bridge or machine) or versatile. The merchant marine is the fleet of boats used for trade and tourism. These boats are divided into different categories according to their size and purpose. Dry merchant ships, […]

What does a merchant navy official do and what to do to become merchant navy official?

The merchant marine is the commercial shipping industry of the India. It includes:- Cruise ships Container ship High-tech ferries High quality oil tankers for oil, gas and chemicals. Modern bulk carriers that transport minerals, grain and coal Specialized support vessels The officers of the merchant marine cover manage the navigation, communications, crew, cargo and general […]

A best guide about Merchant Navy Career

The Merchant Marine is the common term for the commercial shipping industry. The roles within the Merchant Marine vary according to several factors, including the size and type of vessel. The range of vessels includes passenger ferries, container ships, oil tankers, small tugs and cruisers. Some ships have a large number of officers and ratings, […]

Ways to become a deck officer in the merchant marine

The Deck Cadet Course India is a lucrative and pleasant line of work that demands a lot of hard work from the day you enter a maritime academy, be it marine science or marine engineering. As with the choice of any type of education, the selection of a career in the Merchant Marine also requires […]

Know about the Merchant Navy Courses in India

Around 90% of world trade is transported by the international maritime industry that makes a great contribution to achieve sustainable development in the world, by promoting prosperity through trade. That is why Merchant Navy Courses are becoming a good option in middle of young. The Merchant Navy Courses In India will open the doors to become […]

Know about Best Merchant Navy Colleges and courses in india

The degree of engineer enables to work in the field of technology, with responsibilities on management, maintenance, development and innovation. Engineers use this knowledge to create concepts, materials, processes, products, machines, works and complex systems. In this sense, engineering professionals assume themselves as influential actors in our society, as they are capable of responding to […]

Marine engineering and Merchant navy – Way to go ahead!

The key and most crucial set of job responsibilities in domain of the Merchant Navy Forms are the marine engineers, radio officers as well as the navigating officers. Usually, shipping companies hire such kind of the experts for quite short time period on contractual basis. However, in past just men were seen to be working in such […]