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The work of the Merchant Navy

To get a merchant navy job after 1oth qualification, you should fill the Merchant Navy After 10th Application Form. This will be very good for you. And it will help you to make your career better. 1-Scope of application: The work in the Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India exclusively covers so-called “fleet personnel” recruited personnel who provide their […]

How to become a merchant ship sailor?

  Most employers do not need any kind of education to become a cadet. To become a true sailor, getting certified is important and taking Merchant Navy Courses In India is also important for that. Seafarers must have knowledge of all the components of the ship, a good understanding of the ship’s operations and maintenance, […]

How to be a captain of the Merchant Navy

If you are passionate about the sea and want to travel around the world, that of Merchant Navy Courses In India may be the most suitable profession for you. But anticipate that reaching this range is not easy; it requires having the corresponding university degree and also other official degrees. What is the Merchant Navy? This is […]

Seeking Merchant Navy career courses in Rajasthan?

Making a career in the Merchant Navy is challenging enough: Mostly regarded as a commercial source of service, Merchant Navy acts as the perfect medium for international trade. The majority of the import-export transactions are mostly possible due to the rapid functioning of the Merchant Navy. They employ a huge number of workers for transporting […]

Tips for preparing for a merchant marine beyond 12

Marine courses are very work-oriented. The shipping industry is thriving. The merchant marine transport sector helps transport goods and people from one place to another. This means that companies around the world rely directly or indirectly on the shipping industry. In this industry, trained and qualified personnel must operate smoothly. Marine Engineering Colleges Merchant allows students to […]

Know all about naval engineering

It is the area that is responsible for the construction and maintenance of vessels, as well as their systems. The naval engineering structural projects of boats, both motor and the components that make up the ships manage. The Naval Engineering career is part of one of the objectives of the creation of ESPOL, which is the higher education in […]

Get Detail About Merchant Navy career

If you are a science student or engineering student and love to outdoor and journey, Merchant Navy is a best option for you. Merchant navy jobs are one of the highly paid salaries in world. Merchant Navy career after 12th   After 12th, the interested student can choose following Career for Merchant Navy As Deck  Officer […]

Future of Marine Engineer in Sea

The Marine Engineer is a professional focused on the scientific and technological development of the naval maritime area and the performance in any of its activities, including safety, avoiding contamination and respecting the ecological balance. He has a global and comprehensive vision of the legal, economic, financial, social and cultural aspects that intervene in the naval […]

Marine Engineering Courses In India – A best career option

As the name suggests, merchant marines are primarily involved in commercial transactions in the transportation of passengers and cargo across the sea. It has nothing to do with the Navy. You can see that the naval fleet of merchant ships consists of commercial containers, cargo ships and passenger ships. Life offers many adventures in merchant […]

Know about Top Marine Engineering course and about job profile

The merchant navy officer is responsible for steering the ship and supervising the crew. He is responsible for the commercial operation of the boat and ensures the safety of passengers or cargo. The responsibility of the officers is also engaged for all matters relating to pollution. A merchant ship at sea is a company that […]