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How to Stay Safe on Snapchat

Dangers lurk on social media. We all want to avoid them anyhow, but we don’t know how? Go through this article to make your Snapchat account safe and private. Here are some safety guidelines Don’t add anonymous people to your friend’s list At times, Snapchat will suggest you some other users based on mutual friendships […]

How to Teach Siri Who Your Friends and Family Members Are?

Siri is becoming very important day by day. It is your one of those understanding secretaries who will never complain about anything. She will just follow the given directions without arguing with you. Tell her to play the music, she will follow it. If you require to make a phone call, she will place the […]

How to Set Up Folders and Group Apps on iPhone

Creating folders is a terrific way of reducing your phone’s clutter. Grouping applications will make it easier for you to use the phone. It isn’t all that easy to set up the folders. Although it is straightforward when you do it once. Go through these steps to make folders on iPhone How to create the […]

How To Get An Emoji Faster On An iPhone Or iPad?

Messages play a significant role in our day to day life. Most of us prefer using emojis to express our feelings. In iMessages, through our voice, we can select the emoji. This type of feature has made our life easy. One more way to send SMS on an iPhone or iPad is ‘onscreen keyboard’ that […]

Top 4 Ways To Fix Your Slow iPad

Are you fed up with working on your slow iPad? Don’t worry! There is a solution to it. The reason behind your slow working of your iPad can be many such internet issues or application problems, etc. How to speed up a slow iPad 1. The problem may be related to the app Most of […]

Respawn Confirms That Titanfall 3 is Not in Development

Respawn Entertainment surprised the entire gaming community by announcing that it was never planning to launch Titanfall 3 and instead, had been working on the development of the new Apex Legends this whole time. As Respawn Entertainment is now acquired by the Electronic Arts with $151 million for initial purchase it was never reviled by […]

Respawn Prepares to Launch Apex Legends, A New Battle Royale Strategy Game

Respawn is all set to introduce their latest Apex Legends title globally. This new title is a fresh battle royale style game and provides gamers with online combats and action-packed adventure. As per Vince Zampella, CEO at Respawn a new live stream will be available at 8 AM PST for gamers to get acquainted with […]

Top 10 Smart Locks for Your Amazon Echo

In your busy life, the addition of smart locks for your front gate can make a lot of difference in your life. It is worth noting that there is an availability of a variety of smart locks in the market, each having different features. Hence, the one preferred by me may not necessarily be the […]

Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

If you are want to impress your boss to get an increment in your salary with the help of a presentation, and then instead of using the Microsoft PowerPoint try to shift to presentation software. After selecting the online presentation tool, you’ll be happy because by using better features, you can create amazing presentations. There […]

How to connect and Use PS4 Controller on your Device

Want to enjoy gaming with more controls? Here is how to connect and use the PS4 controller to play games on your device. Your PlayStation 4 controller is not just for playing on PS4. it can also be connected with other devices like your PC and smartphone. You can use your PlayStation controller to play […]