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What is Capital Surplus?

Capital Surplus: Meaning Capital surplus, or offer premium, most generally alludes to the overflow coming about after regular stock is sold for more than its standard worth. Capital excess incorporates value or total assets in any case not classifiable as capital stock or held profit. Tradebulls offers market consultation for your benefits by making you […]

5 Key Differences in Demat account Vs Trading account

Quick Info on Demat Account On the off chance that you need to put resources into stock markets, there are plenty of components that you ought to know about. The initial step for stock market speculators is to open up a trading and Demat account. Your trading and Demat account will shape the core of […]

Demat Account Charges

Demat account is a digital repository of the shares and other securities held by an individual. It works as a statement of your multiple investments into you hold in shares and other government and non-government securities at a singular place. There are several misconceptions when it comes to charges taken to open a Demat account. […]

What Causes Oil Prices to Fluctuate?

Similarly as with any item, stock, or bond, the unvarying laws of the flexibility of pricing and market-requirement cause oil costs to change. The whole scheme of inflation and how it impacts prices is rooted in the eternal principle of demand at supply. The Law of supply postulates that when the prices for any particular […]

What is Commodity Margin? How it is Calculated?

Commodity Margin While trading in commodities, every buyer or trader must bear in mind that it represents a futuristic domain where the prices and the profit margins depend on long term options that one may have. This is where the concept of margin comes in. In stock trading, margin means the amount of money that […]

Difference between NRO and NRE Accounts

What Are NRE and NRO accounts? NRE is a non-resident external account and NRO is non-resident ordinary. If you are an NRI, then you can easily open a joint NRO account with other citizens of India. You can choose an NRO account if you are working in India and your total income is from India, […]

10 Steps to Build The Best Intraday Trading Strategies

Introduction Intraday trading is all about precise timing and market understanding. A good intraday strategy works only after technical analysis, practical execution, using indicators and proper risk management.  This article will give you a list of intraday trading strategies. This strategy can be used by beginners to start trading. With regular practice, you can become an […]

How to Open Demat Account

Opening a Demat account is the first step to dematerialize your securities and shares. The process to dematerialize involves a series of documentation. All your documents must be in order. To open a trading account you need to follow these basic steps. If you do all the steps right, you will be ready to start trading in […]

The Emerging Patterns in the Global Market and What do they mean for you

The year 2020 so far has been one of the worst for established trading patterns. Due to the on-going pandemic and the global meltdown of core segments of the markets, there has been a sharp decline in the trading performance charts across the globe and the period has mostly passed under lockdowns and continuous negative […]

Intraday Trading Guide

When you are into intraday trading, you need to extra cautious about your decision making. You cannot blindly make choices and you have a limited trading window to earn a profit that is 5 hours. Sensing all these difficult factors one needs to have good knowledge about market volatility of any intraday trading stock and need […]