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How to Pair the Apple AirPods to a MacBook

AirPods is a wireless device used by the owners of the iPhone devices. The users don’t have to place the earbuds wire into their phone jack as you can listen to songs without connecting any cable into your phone. In case you don’t know the steps of connecting the “Apple AirPods” to the “MacBook”, then […]

How to Use Lyft to Get a Ride

If you download Lyft from the App store, you can enjoy low fare rides. Book a ride by pressing the book button, and the driver shall pick you up from your current location and drop you to the destination you want. Sign Up for Lyft Install the Lyft application on Android or iOS device. You […]

How to Pair Apple AirPlay with HomePod

HomePod is an advanced audio speaker which modifies the place and gives you good quality of music. HomePod also supports the Siri assistant, so you can even give voice commands. What Do You Mean by AirPlay? AirPlay is a beneficial method to stream any content from the system to any MP3 or MP4 device. Through […]

How to Fix Update Error 0x800706BE on Windows 10?

The error code 0x800706BE occurs on Windows 10 while the users are trying to update their computer system. However, this Windows 10 update error is one of the most common and widespread error encountered by multiples of Windows 10 users. Generally, users may experience this issue while trying to boot the computer system or implementing […]

How to Fix a Disabled iPad?

What would you do if your iPad gets stolen and somebody decides to hack the code? Your iPad will get disabled after several wrong passcode entries. If your iPad is disabled, then read on to find the way to fix it. How long will it be disabled? iPad would get useless for some initial time. […]

Resident Evil 2 turns out to be the greatest addition to the Resident Evil game series

Whenever we hear of a remake for any game, a lot of possible outcomes strike our heads. Still, Captain was successful in showcasing that how comebacks can be made right. As a human tendency, players tend to make some prerequisite assumptions and try to relate the remake with the past editions. A remake for any […]

Sony CFO Names Cloud Gaming and Free To Play As Major Threats to PlayStation

PlayStation has recently come up with their fourth-quarter financial report which showcases the dominance of PlayStation over the gaming console market. Sony successfully sold over 8 million consoles in the fourth quarter and about 18 million in 2018. Further Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony stated that in the coming future, PlayStation’s major rivals could turn […]

How to Download Kik on Android and iOS devices

Kik is a text messaging application which is available for free. Kik offers a broad range of features for chatting and sharing. There are also wide ranges of chatbots available on Kik that you can use for entertainment. Here is how to download Kik on Android and iOS devices: System Requirements for downloading Kik on […]

How to Create and Delete Folders on iPhone

Creating and grouping apps into the folders are the best way to reduce clutter on iPhone home screen. Create a separate folder for your games, music app, messaging apps and make them easily accessible. Here is how to create new folders and grouping apps into them: Steps to Create a new Folder on the iPhone […]

How to Transform your Windows 10 into Windows 7

Windows 10 is a fantastic OS launched by Microsoft, and it has more features than previous Microsoft operating systems. But some users do not like its look, or they love the appearance of Windows 7 more. If you are amongst them, then read on. Here is how you can make your Windows 10 look and […]