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How to Add Music Into Video on Windows PC or Mac

You can add music into a video on Windows PC or Mac to make the video more interesting and cool. It is easy to place audio to a video clip by using correct video editing tools such as iMovie and Adobe Spark. Here you will learn how to add music into a video on Windows […]

How to Add Subtitles in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a popular media player for PC. If you want to subtitle videos, then you can do so easily. Here’s how to add subtitles in VLC media player. Steps to Set up the Subtitle File •    Search and load subtitle. Open the folder where you have saved the subtitle file. You have […]

How to Add Email Accounts to Outlook

It is good to have many email accounts with different providers. You can use all the accounts at one time by switching the account to another. You need to follow the simple steps given below to add email accounts in Outlook. Steps to Add Yahoo to Outlook Here are the steps are given below to set […]

How to download songs or albums on Google Play Music

Download and save the songs on your Google Play Music app to listen to them later without using the internet. Although without subscribing to Play Music, you can’t download the songs directly to your device, you can only save the tracks in the app. After subscribing, you can download the songs to your device also. […]

How to download books from Google Play Books

You can download eBooks from Google Play Books Library on several devices. From both Google Play Books Website and app, you can find and download books on your device. On your Android or iPhone, you can use the Google Play Books app to download and read your favorite books. With the Google Play Books app, […]

How to edit and delete contacts with Google Contacts

You can edit and delete your contacts from your Android Smartphone with the Google Contacts on your computer. And the changes you do in contacts with Google Contacts will sync to your all Android devices. Here is how to edit, delete, block, remove, and undo changes. On Computer: How to edit contacts from Google Contacts […]

Find And Fix A Windows Memory Leak

It is worth noting that there are different kinds of memory leaks in Windows. The most commonly found is standby memory. The standby memory is not only seen on Windows 7 but also on Windows 10 systems as well. After the standby memory takes away the available space, your device might stop working the way […]

How to Access and Change Microphone in Windows 8

If the microphone phone you are using is not working correctly or you brought a new microphone want to check it or replace it with the current one, then read on. Here is how to access the microphone menu and switch your microphones. Ways to access the microphone menu in Windows 8: You can access […]

How to activate the Dark theme on Android Pie

Use the Night light feature on your Android Smartphone to use it in dim light. The feature changes the light of your Android device, makes it yellowish, and makes it more comfortable to use the phone in the dark. The dark mode also protects your eyes from light and helps you to sleep more comfortably. […]

How To Find Downloaded Files On Android?

Getting your downloaded file immediately after downloading it is very important. Your downloaded file can be images or videos which can be sent by messages as well as mails. Generally, the items that you download shall be in the Downloads folder. It is worth noting at the same time that location varies depending on its […]