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How to Install a Flash Game from the Web?

Flash games are amazing. Not only are they extremely fun, but they are also free to play. If you want, then you can download flash games on your computer and play them online. Just follow the instructions given below and download Flash games on your device. Through Google Chrome You can download a Flash game […]

How to Disable Advertisements for Google Chrome?

Usually, while browsing on Google Chrome, advertisements keep popping up. Now, this is annoying and frustrating at times. If you want, then you can disable ads on the browser. Read on and learn how to block advertisements on Google Chrome. Through Settings on Computer Follow the steps mentioned below to disable ads from Settings. •    […]

How to Convert VHS Tapes into Digital Copies

‘Old is Gold’ how true it is. Your old VHS tapes may contain some of the most memorable moments of your life, such as your birthday, college graduation, and more. Converting VHS to a video file on your PC is the best way to keep them safe forever. Saving your VHS tapes to your Mac […]

How to Create a Blind Copy Mailing List in Gmail and Hotmail

Most companies use the Blind Carbon Copy Mailing list to send job interview emails to many candidates. By using BCC, the candidate cannot identify the other candidates names who are also coming for the interview. Do you want to know the steps to create a BCC mailing list in Gmail or Hotmail? Then go through […]

How to Download a Web Page as a PDF Document

While browsing the web, we come across plenty of valuable information on various websites. Not all of this information can be downloaded through a download button. Most of the information such as on Wikipedia is directly given on the webpage, and also there is no option to save it. If you’re working on a school […]

How to Easily Watch TV Online Without Any Subscription

Internet has made a lot of things  easier for people. It also allows them to watch their favorite television shows on various devices if they are not around their TV or don’t have one. The best thing is you don’t even have to set up your TV and buy cable subscription to watch TV content […]

Top 5 Free Movie Websites Available in 2019

Want to watch your favorite movie but don’t have a Netflix or HBO subscription? There are several websites that allow you to watch movies for free. From old to new, you can check all types of films quickly. If you don’t know about the best sites, the list is mentioned below for you. Check it […]

Top 5 Grammar Apps for Android in 2019

Bad grammar is a significant problem for a lot of people. It can be ignored in tweets or captions of social media posts, at times, but not in other places. If you also misspell words or write wrong sentences now and then, worry not, there are various grammar apps available nowadays. They will help you […]

5 Best Useful Android Apps Under 10 MB

A lot of Android smartphone users face the storage issue. They have to keep limited apps and files to run the phone smoothly. It even becomes almost impossible to download new apps on the smartphone. In that case, those users can choose to use the apps that are not big. Both low-end, as well as […]

6 Best Fashionable Smartwatches Available in 2019

Smartwatches are very useful and add more charm to the overall look. They are ideal for wearing on a night out or other special events. If you also love smartwatches and fancy things, the best stylish smartwatches are mentioned over here for you. Check out all the fashion smartwatches from below and buy the perfect […]