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Walkthrough to redeem your McAfee retail card with product key

When you purchase McAfee security retail card by visiting a nearby retail shop that deals in tech products then you get McAfee retail cards which allow you download the security product from the internet instead of installing a complete product suite. Purchasing retail card will ensure that that the product you are about to install […]

Cloudflare disrupted the Internet and Cloud computing

Apps and websites require a compatible network in order to fight against the newest attacks. It is important that you make sure that performance is never sacrificed because of security glitches. Nearly every single website available on the Internet has to run through Cloudflare because it has such security and control features that are necessary […]

Feed your curiosity on Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and AI

The relentless march of emerging graphics and high-definition quality in order to create, replicate and augment visual appearances with a blend of automated programs and features, is not an accident. The continuous efforts in animating an imaginary background or character have made it an extensively popular career option for millions. It was recently when we […]

McAfee Total Protection for every device you possess

McAfee Total Protection can be activated via is a cloud-based threat analysis program that keeps you safe from virus attacks without slowing down your system. With McAfee Total Protection, you can enjoy safe web browsing which is the on-growing need of the hour. In the era of digitalization, one must stay alert and sidestep […]

Data privacy remains an alarming complexity at GDPR anniversary

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced a year ago in the month of May. The primary objective of the introduction of GDPR was to give Europeans more control over their personal data. This was achieved by regulating certain laws that covered Increased Territorial scope, Penalties, Concent, Breach Notification, Right to Access, Right to […]

An honest review on Game of Thrones finale – The last farewell

Ever since, the screen version of the George R. R. Martin’s legendary novel “A song of ice and fire” echoed in the air, the show took no time to captivate the hearts and minds of millions of fans throughout the world. The show hypnotized me to the core in the first glance, even made me […]

The evolution of Shadow IT with McAfee MVISON Cloud

Since the industry is shifting from hardware to the cloud-based you need a way out to meet the need of desired output and provide a strong platform that can provide you with solutions that are easy to grasp just like a nursery rhyme. McAfee MVISION Cloud protects cloud-native data with in-built solutions no matter where […]

Get support to eradicate Real-Time Scanning issues with McAfee DR Tool

McAfee antivirus is the most recommended antivirus, which is widely used. The reason behind McAfee being the most trusted security software is that it develops a complete protective shield for your device and data. Whether it is a Mac, PC or your Android phones, McAfee security software will provide a variety of antivirus applications and […]

Protecting Mac with firewall bonus by McAfee Antivirus plus

Macs are prone to Trojans, ransomware, and other malware. Security companies handle Mac OS protection in a number of ways. Some just offer a Mac-specific antivirus tool and others include Mac protection in a cross-platform suite. Subscribing to McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) means getting protection for every Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS device in […]

An honest review on “Plague tale: A sinister game with a bizarre walkthrough

The earlier version of this game came with a theme of Innocence, wherein you as a gamer controls the actions and movements of a young girl, who holds the hand of her scared, little brother while running down a city street full of the zombie-like people who want to kill them both. Unlike most of […]