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How to Merge and Split Zip Files Using WinZip?

The process of merging and splitting-up zip files is important when you wish to share or a huge file at work. If you desire to share all your videos or your vacation pictures with your friends or family, then you must know how to merge and split your zip files on your device. You have […]

Best Counters for Giovanni Lineup in Pokemon GO in October 2020

Pokemon Go is one of the most celebrated mobile video games of all time. The augmented-reality based video game, Pokemon Go was released back in 2016, and since then it has persistently succeeded in acquiring the attention of the gamers. The most significant factor behind its immense success is the perseverance of its developer, Niantic, […]

Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Lotus Head

While playing Genshin Impact, players will find plenty of resources that help in various things. Some of the material and items used to enhance the ability, weapons, and a few resources help to improve the strength of the characters. There’s a specific item that is very important for character enhancement is Dandelion Seeds. Similar to Dandelion […]

Fortnite: Cobweb Locations for Season 4 Week 7 Challenges

At the beginning of Season 4, Fortnite revealed some unique skins of Marvel heroes. To unlock those skins, players have to progress the Seasonal Battle Pass level. Fortnite launches new challenges every week to grind XP, and now they have offered an additional opportunity to earn extra XP for Battle Pass. In Season 4, Week […]

A Guide to Fixing Google Assistant on Android Devices

Google Assistant is a popular service offered by Google. It allows you to use voice commands to search for things on the internet, operate the functions in your phone just with your voice, and also to control your smart home devices. The hands-free mode makes it useful when you are driving or cooking or busy […]

Android phones are far better than iOS devices since they offer incredible customization options. You can completely modify the user experience and user interface of your Android device with several professional tips and tricks. In this article, we are going to share several tips to change the look and feel of your Android device. This […]

High Memory Usage: How to Fix This Error in Windows 10

Sometimes, we experience slowed down response time of applications running on our PC. This immediately takes us to the Task Manager, only to find unexplained high memory usage. This problem mainly occurs due to memory spikes while playing a memory-intensive game or using a lot of browser windows at a time. So, how do we […]

How to Use the Music App on the Mac?

Apple Music provides millions of soundtracks with an extensive collection of songs. One can easily add songs, playlists, albums and music videos directly from the Apple Music to music library. This can be easily accessed from your Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone devices once you log-in to the Music library. Users can easily download them […]

7 Crucial Windows Apps for Students

If you are a student, you need several learning apps on your Windows-based computer to achieve your educational goals. In this guide, we are about to show you seven best Windows apps for students. Nowadays, users rely on computer and smartphone applications to solve equations, find answers to their questions, and more. Whether you want […]

The God of High School: Everything to Know About the Show and the Much-Anticipated Season Finale

In the world of The God of High School, there was a time when demons, humans, and gods used to live together. The demons always wanted to rule over humans who were much weaker than them. But the gods made sure that this never happened. They gave humans their powers creating a “Borrowed Power” system […]