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Why Should You Choose IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions?

IBM comes up with a number of solutions for the VMware workloads. Users will find this on each continent that is outside Antarctica. IBM and VMware flourished into a diplomatic business for providing the clients’ path to turnkey. Customers of VMware can lift and shift their environments to IBM Cloud. They don’t even require to […]

How to Fix Twitter that Keeps Crashing on iPhone 8 Plus

Does your Twitter app keep crashing on your iPhone 8 Plus? In case this issue occurs only once,  then you take it as a not big issue. But if your iPhone showing the same problem every day, then you should follow the instructions mentioned below to start using the Twitter application smoothly on your iPhone […]

How to Loop Videos with Boomerang on iOS Device

In this application, you can make a video by changing to the selfie camera in the iOS device. You will get only one option there, click that option and the Boomerang captures ten pictures and changes the pictures into a short video. You can send or upload that looped video on Facebook and Instagram or […]

How to Disable Notifications for Facebook Games

Some of the people don’t want any games notifications or invites from their Facebook friends so they can disable that game notification by going to the official site Facebook’s settings page. In case the user playing any game on their Facebook account, then they also can change the game notifications which they are receiving from […]

How To Fix Fitbit Not Syncing error

You can get your Fitbit to work with your tablet, phone, and computer again. Doesn’t matter where are you trying to sync a Fitbit, you may be syncing it to a computer, an iPhone or Android device. Underlying reasons can be several for its malfunctioning. Many fixes are also there that may be implemented with […]

How to Fix Google Play Store Errors?

Google Play Store is handy. You can download whatever you think of in no time. It works like a dream. But whenever you download the apps and games from Google Play. Users can get errors. There are many reasons that Google Play Store error. You never know whether the issue is with your Play Store, […]

How To Lock Applications On An iPhone?

There can be plenty of reasons behind setting a lock on an iPhone. For instance, it can be that you want to keep your private pictures to be super safe or it can even be that you want to keep the kids far from the reach of some applications that are not appropriate for their […]

How To Permanently or Temporarily Switch Off Cortana In Windows 10?

Cortana is present in all the systems having Windows 10. It helps the users in getting their queries resolved. But all technical things may annoy users at some point in their life. When Cortana does not work correctly, things may turn out to be disappointing. Earlier, people used to turn off Cortana just by pushing the toggle […]

How To Mail An Animated GIF on Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook? Greet others with a GIF!

GIFs can be used to make the emails or messages more attractive. The incredible part is that Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo all support GIF feature. The methods of mailing an animated GIF using Google account Firstly, select the GIF that you would like to send. Note: There are major two types of methods to send GIF in […]

How to Reset the Netflix Password

Netflix contains many old and new movies, and if you don’t want to go to the cinema hall to watch movies, then you can see that film on Netflix. There are many TV series on Netflix. In case you don’t have much time to watch movies, then you can see the series by logging to […]