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How to Send Podcasts to the Apple TV

The Apple TV in-built podcasts application is the best thing to get Apple podcasts on the large display of the Apple TV. In case the users cannot find their favorite podcast that they wish to connect with their smart television, the follow the steps which are given below to know more about it. Steps for […]

How to Setup Call Forwarding in iPhone XR

Call forwarding in one of the most significant features that allow users to forward incoming calls to any another number on the iPhone. It works great for both individuals and businesses, and easy to set up in your iPhone. Whenever you don’t feel like taking a call or don’t want to listen to the sound […]

How to retrieve your deleted text messages on iPhone

While cleaning your iPhone, have you deleted your important text messages by mistake? And now want to get them back anyway? Well don’t fret, it is possible to restore them and you can get your deleted message back on your iPhone. Restoring a recent backup from iTunes and iCloud will also restore your deleted text […]

How to pair and connect Apple AirPods with Windows PC

Apple AirPods is one of the hottest products of Apple. It has impressive features like comfortable design, decent sound quality, long battery life and much more. This small body has a number of decent features in it. While it is a product of Apple and designed to use with Apple’s products, but it doesn’t mean […]

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on Mac Issue?

For Apple devices, AirDrop is a great platform for sharing and receiving files instantly. With AirDrop, you can share your documents, photos, videos, etc. with the nearby Apple devices. If you’re having the problem with your Mac’s AirDrop, then are here is how to fix it. Make sure that you’re using AirDrop compatible devices. If […]

How To Stop Windows 10 Update While In Progress?

Everyone knows that the updates of Windows 10 play a crucial role in making your system safe from hackers. It even provides new features. And allows your system to work smoothly. But the exception always exists. Sometimes it might create problems. The best ways of stopping update of Windows 10 while it is in progress […]

Top 6 Youtube TV Alternatives in 2019

There are plenty of options available if you want to get rid of Google’s live TV service. Some users prefer using YouTube TV as it is a single simple plan. It has multiple accounts that can be shared with the family; it has many DVR too. One drawback is that it isn’t having so much […]