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6 Best Android Smartphones with Expandable Storage

Expandable storage is necessary for those who shoot a lot through devices or like to have all the seasons of different TV shows on the phone. If you face storage issues on your current Android device and need an ideal phone with expandable storage, the best options are given here for you. One of the […]

6 Best Smartphone Apps for Forgetful People

Due to a busy and hectic life routine, a lot of us often forget about different things from time to time. But, some people are forgetful by nature and need a constant reminder for completing tasks. If you are also one of them, worry not as there are a variety of apps available for you […]

6 Coolest Instagram Story Features in 2019

Instagram comes with a lot of exciting features. Most of the users don’t know about them as they are hidden for naked-eye and demand particular gestures for use. The best options are mentioned over here for you. Step up your Instagram game by trying these excellent tips and tricks. 1. Make a story from more […]

Top 5 Best Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players of 2019

Blu-Ray players are used for playing Blu-Ray DVDs, and some of these devices also support HD video games. These devices not only used to play Blu-Ray but also supports playing videos through USB, CD, VCD, and SD card. These portable DVD players do have their own display screen so that you can play your favorite […]

Top 5 Best PS4 Games for Kids in 2019

Most of the games that come in PS4 are for adults. However, you may not want your kid to play games that are too graphic or violent. In today’s article, we will tell you about the best PS4 games for kids. So let’s get started. 1. Rayman Legends This game is specially made for families, […]

How to Install Skype in Ubuntu Linux

Skype is a popular platform for video and audio calling, messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and screen sharing. While most Windows PC users have Skype, have you ever considered setting up Skype on your Ubuntu system? So, here are some steps to installing Skype in Ubuntu Installing Skype Snap Here is the process of installing […]

How to Reduce the Size of Desktop icons?

You must agree that customizing is a great way to make your desktop more attractive. But, you might not be comfortable with the default desktop icon size.  So, you can easily modify them and reduce their size. So, here are some instructions to decrease the size of desktop icons. Using Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and […]

How to Remove or Hide Connections on LinkedIn

Basically, LinkedIn is used as a professional platform like searching for a job, recruitment of new employees, networking, and getting business-related news. It is not like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social sites. In these sites, you can easily unfriend someone, but it is a little complicated to delete someone’s profile and connections in […]

5 Best Apple Watch Apps For News and Entertainment

An Apple Watch is like a tiny smartphone bound around your wrist. Apple Watch serves a user as a constant assistant who will do whatever you will ask for. Apple Watch provides the best of services, and you can download several apps. From delivering top news headlines to notification alerts of your phone, from best […]

5 Best Apps For Beach Goers in 2019

So, if you are one of the beach, waves, surfing, and ocean lovers, then you are in the right place. From watching sunsets to exploring new beautiful beaches, here I recommend you the best beach apps for your next beach excursion. 1. AccuWeather AccuWeather gives you the weather forecast and alerts of your location. The […]