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How to Disable “OK Google” on Your Android

Many people are concern about their device privacy while using digital assistants. Are you worried about the privacy of your Android device? Then disable “OK Google” on your Android by following the steps mentioned below. Steps for Turning Off  “OK Google” •    Go to the Settings application on the Android Device •    Choose the language, […]

How to Fix Google Drive ‘Waiting to Upload’ Error

Google Cloud has become an important application in our daily lives. When Google Drive is not working properly or showing Google Drive ‘waiting to upload’ error, then you can fix this problem by following the steps mentioned below. 1.    Check Up Your Internet Connection •    In case you are using Windows 10 on your system, […]

How to Turn On Automatic Active Hours on Windows 10

The Active Hours feature helps the users to fix the reboot issue which asks them to update all the installed programs on Windows 10 computer. Nobody wants to restart their system when they are reading an important document or trying to win a game. So, follow the steps mentioned below to turn on automatic Active […]

How to Turn Off Keychain on Your Mac

If you share your Mac with a colleague, then that person will be able to access all the information of your user account. You can permit others to sign in to your account as a guest user. But you can also turn off the Keychain on the Mac so that no one can guess your […]

Best Ways to Reset Your Windows 10 Admin Password

All computer system has one password protected account which is called as administrator. However, on a computer system, an administrator is a local security group or account that unhindered the access to delete, modify, create files, folders, and settings on that computer system. Therefore, losing or forgetting the Windows 10 administrator’s password might be an […]

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Properly? Learn How to Fix it

If your laptop touchpad is not working, it might be a tricky situation for many users whose works completely depends on the laptop. Users would lose the power of their system as no standard, or latest technology computers can perform appropriately without having a pointing device. However, the reason behind this issue might be software […]

How to Format an SD Card for a Camera

After some time, your SD card storage may get full. You can quickly solve this problem by formatting it. In this blog, we will explore how you can format an SD card for a camera to clear the files.. Steps for Formatting an SD Card for a Camera If you go through the formatting process […]

How to Get Instagram on Kindle Fire HD

If you wish to download and install the Instagram application for Kindle Fire HD, then you have to go to the Amazon Appstore, or by going to the other app store to start this procedure. Here’s how to install Instagram for Kindle Fire HD. Steps to Install Instagram for Kindle Fire HD Through the Amazon […]

How to Change Notification Sound for Google Reminders

Every application has a notification feature, and Google Assistant is no different. If you have bored with the same default sound for your apps and wish to change the notification sound for Google Reminders, then you can change it by following the steps mentioned below. How to Change Google Assistant Reminder Sound? If you wish […]

How to Change Account on App Store

You can log out from your recent Apple ID and login with another account to the App Store. After you change the Apple ID log-in, you can use the account which you had created through the App Store and iTunes Store. By going to the App Store settings, you can adjust the country and region […]