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How to Use Android Messages On Your PC

Have you ever wondered if you can use Android Messages on your PC? Several Android, as well as PC users, find it difficult to use their Android device for messaging while working on their computers. What if you can use your PC instead of your Android device to reply to a message or start a […]

How To Get iMessage On Windows PC?

Majority of the people prefer using iMessage on Windows PC. There are plenty of reasons behind this. Some of them are that it comprises features such as P2P money transfer, a lovely collection of emojis and digital touch. Unfortunately, these wonderful features are not present on all devices. However, everything is possible in this world […]

How to Fix Xbox One Does Not Detect the Connected Storage Drive Issue

Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming consoles come with either a 500 GB or a 1 TB of internal storage space. However, the provided hard drive space is truly large and enough for the average users. But, maybe not for the real gamers. A majority of this storage space is available for games and applications. And the […]

How to Export and Delete Tumblr Blog

If you have not used Tumblr for a long time and no longer want to use it, then certainly you’ll want to delete your Tumblr account. Various social networks allow users to deactivate their account temporarily. So that instead of deleting the account permanently, users can disable it temporarily and return to the platform whenever […]

How to Hide and Protect your Blogs on Tumblr

If your blogs are not hidden or password-protected, then they appear to all on Tumblr. Want to make your Tumblr blogs private? Depending on the type of blog, you can make them private in different ways. You can password protect the secondary blogs on Tumblr, but not primary. If you want to secure the primary […]

How to Fix Twitter Keeps Crashing on Galaxy S10?

Twitter is a popular social networking platform. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, then you might be using Twitter. However, some users have reported that the Twitter on their Galaxy S10 phones is crashing. There can be multiple reasons for this. In this blog, we will discuss the fixes for Twitter keeps crashing on […]

How to Restore Deleted Computer Games

Do you want to restore deleted computer games? Then follow the instructions mentioned in this article. You can recover permanently removed data from the previous versions or file history. Here’s how to restore deleted computer games ·  Go through the recycle bin You can restore deleted computer games with the help of the recycle bin. Make sure […]

How To Stop Gmail Notifications On Desktop

Gmail is a notable email service and mobile application designed by Google. Gmail makes sure you get each and every email sent by others and it notifies you about the same. It becomes quite annoying when Gmail notifies you every other minute on the desktop. Several users do not prefer email notifications on desktop due […]

How to Share your Outlook Calendar as You Want with Anyone

Create an Outlook Shared calendar and make schedules with your work team, family or friends. Nowadays, we all have a busy schedule in which we forget many of our plans and tasks. Outlook Calendar is the best choice if you work on Microsoft Office applications or use Outlook for email. Outlook also allows you to […]

How to Disable Network and Internet Connection Sharing on Windows?

In order to enable other individuals to access the files you have shared in your Windows computer on the network, you can enable file sharing. However, this feature can also be disabled as and when you need. Just follow the processes given below. Turn Off Network File Sharing If you want to turn off network […]