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What is alloy steel? Things you should know about alloy

Steel is a commonly used material in many industries. According to the World Steel Association, it produced about 1,808 million tonnes of crude oil worldwide in 2018, about 50% used in the construction industry. Steel has undergone significant evolution over time, with approximately 75% of all modern types of steel being developed over the last […]

Choosing The Right Material For Fasteners

Choosing the right fasteners to build your storage building should be a top priority. For metal construction projects, the nuts and bolts you choose are essential to the structure’s integrity. If the panel manufacturer does not specify which panel to use, the panel must be selected based on the storage building specifications to meet the […]

Anchor Bolts: Types and Uses and benefits of stainless steel screws.

The stainless steel anchor bolts are designed to secure structural members to concrete. In some industry, anchor bolts are commonly used to join steel to concrete. One end is embedded in concrete, and the other end is threaded to hold structural support. There are four main types of anchor bolts. The Stainless Steel U Bolts is small in size […]