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Name: J. Robert Surface Attorney At law
About Author: J. Robert Surface grew up in Charleston County, South Carolina, in a devout, hard-working Christian family. His father retired from the US Navy as a Chief and raised his sons and daughters in a strict environment while he studied pre-Pharmacy at the College of Charleston from 1959 to 1963. Robert’s upbringing was tough but loving, and it instilled in him a strong work ethic. Robert graduated from St. John’s School in 1966, Rivers High School in 1969, from the College of Charleston as valedictorian in 1973, and from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1978. He also did graduate work at Clemson University.

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Key Importance of Hiring Social Security Disability Lawyer

Serving and fighting for a country is something that most people want to do. Like, who doesn’t want to do good things for the country where they have taken birth or the country that has given them so much? Because of this, so many people try their luck in the army and most of them […]

Acquire Disability Benefits from Reliable Social Security Disability Lawyer

How would it possible to live a life with disability. With disabilities, it comes along with woes and gloominess. What makes the disability even more frightening is that it won’t make you able to earn bread and butter for your family. If you are leading your whole life with disability then its time to stand […]

Acquire Compensation Benefits from the Finest Veteran’s Disability Lawyer

There are a lot of people in the world who have silently served their nation without showing pride of who they are. Working in the respected fields of navy, army and air force is indeed a matter of great pride and honor. However, many of them couldn’t enjoy the retirement with strong financial support. If […]

Know About An Expert Veterans Disability Lawyers In Your Town

A veteran is a man that servers to protect his county from various dangerous enemies without caring about their own life. Until they are in good health and serve their country they are considered to be important and of use. But once they are no longer fit to fight in a battle or serve their […]

Hire SSDI Lawyer from the Renowned Legal Firm

A person can be assured how he can safely live his life. There are some instances which put a person into disastrous, life-threatening conditions. These injuries sometimes tend to be too devastating that it makes him a permanently disabled. Disability not only steals an ability to earn to income but it also steals peace of […]

How you can Attain the Benefits of Veteran Disability

According to the department of veteran’s affairs, if a veteran gets injured during service period or after that tenure then they are entitled to get compensation for the cause. There are many of them who are unaware of the fact that they can claim the benefits for the disabilities and the damages takes place in […]

Acquire Free Consultation from the Renowned SSDI Attorney

The impact of an accident can be too critical that it completely hamper the normal functioning of life. Not only surprise accidents, but also birth defect and other severe illness are enough to make you a disabled person. As a result, you could not able to earn your income independently, which is indeed a matter […]

Take Legal Assistance for Getting Social Security Benefits

If are a disabled person and unable to work getting enough earnings, then you have a right to claim for social security benefits offered by the government. It is your right to fight for what you deserve and what you are entitled to. You need to submit an application to the Social Security Administration for […]

Importance of Social Security Disability Lawyer

Not everyone’s fortune is good enough to live life to its fullest. There are some instances in life where a person gives up on himself and does not urge to change his life again. In fact, he also falls into depression thinking he would never be able to stand on his feet again. If you […]

Why Hiring Disability Lawyers are Important for Your Case

Accidents are unfortunate incidents that can happen anytime to anyone. It completely destroys the life of the people involved in it. If a person gets severely injured in the accident, it can leave a scar not only on their body but on their mind as well. There are few fortunate people who survive an accident […]