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Name: Justin HInkle
About Author: I am working as an digital marketing expert and holds a very good experience in the same field. In present I'm working for the McAfee company which provides McAfee antivirus.

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How to Fix iPhone GPS not Working?

Majority of the iPhone users think that GPS is among the most important features that people use on an iPhone. Understandably every user gets annoyed when it doesn’t work properly. Issues related to GPS can be that you might face issues like GPS shall not be able to search for your present location. For troubleshooting […]

How to Locate the Router’s IP Address on Windows?

Most of us are familiar with the fact that all the Wi-Fi router acquire a distinct and unique IP address. This sounds secretive that several users think that it is a term for high-level technicians, but in this blog, we are mainly focusing on this topic. Read this blog carefully and successfully attain the information […]

How to Fix Sonos Speakers not working with Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is among the handiest devices available on the market currently. What makes it even handier is its versatile compatibility. The device can be connected to numerous devices and Sonos speakers are one of them. If your Sonos speakers are not working with Amazon Alexa, then read through the blog to fix it. Alexa […]

How to Use Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has the in-built support for Internet Explorer but users have to enable it beforehand. If you want to allow it, then this post might be helpful for you. Go through the blog and follow the instructions to use the internet explorer mode in the Microsoft Edge. Start the Experimental Edge Flag If […]

How to Use Assistive Touch on iPad and iPhone

Assistive Touch is the feature of the iPhone that helps users with skills impairments. Enabling the Assistive Touch option allows the user to execute actions like the pinching to 3D Touch or zoom with just one click. It helps to access any action quickly with one touch. If you want to enable it, then you […]

How to Organize Your Shortcuts on iPad and iPhones

Managing shortcuts for your favorite apps significantly reduces your efforts. You may create your shortcuts for the desired applications. You have other various options to do so as well. You can drag and drop them into the library from the gallery. It enables you to delete, organize, or even make duplicates of them using the […]

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Your Android Phone

Pairing a Bluetooth device with your phone is a relatively simple affair. Remember that before you start the pairing operation, please confirm the following: Refer to the operating instructions or help guide for model-specific information. Place the source device within 1 meter or 3 feet of the headphones. Make sure the headphones and Bluetooth source […]

How to Add Extensions in RingCentral

RingCentral enables users to take their business wherever they go. It is a popular app that offers comprehensive communications and collaboration solutions. It facilitates users to toggle between chats, calls, and video meetings, even when they are on the go. Not only does it help in saving time, but it also leads to an increase […]

How to Add & Share Shortcuts on iOS 12 & 13?

There are numerous advantages of using Siri on your device, and there are several of them that you may not even know about. It may be to convert a picture into GIF, share your music playlist, or getting directions for the nearby concert; the app facilitates everything you can ever need. So, here are the […]

How to Access and Use Control Center on your Apple TV with tvOS 13

Along with iOS 13 and iOS 13.1, Apple has also launched something new for Apple TV users, and it is tvOS 13. This time, Apple has included a lot of new features and functions from a whole new home screen to gaming controllers support. Not just these, for the first time Apple has brought Control […]