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About Author: I am a Blogger and Designer .My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in programming and education.

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How to Fix Server Problem with Gmail?

Gmail is among the most-used email platform over the globe, and understandably so. Even though the platform is efficient, it can show numerous errors. “A server error occurred, and your email was not sent” is one such error. Here are the instructions to fix the issue. Remove Cookies and Cache on Google Chrome If you […]

How to Use Microsoft Edge Browser on Macbook

Microsoft Edge features vast improvements from its predecessor. You can have improved performance and security when browsing online on your Macbook or another mobile device. Microsoft Edge is designed to work on the latest operating system. It has built-in features to get any work done on Apple Mac. It has tools for organizing, researching, and […]

Google Maps Will Now Display Disputed Borders Based on Your Location

Google recently announced to redraw the maps according to the users’ location. The disputed territories across the world will now change according to the people who are searching. Google Maps has always tried its best to chart out the globe for millions of users across the world. But it becomes troublesome for the world’s most used search giant when people disagree […]

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 10

Windows OS provides multiple features to hide various folders, files, images and other data while working on Windows 10. It also used to hide overall drives as long as you wish. It’s an interesting feature that lets the user hide their data so that they avoid data loss unintentionally. Some of the users are using […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: Everything to Know About It

Here is an honest review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Samsung entered the year with a bang as their brand new S20 phones are here. Just like always, they start their year with S series mobile phones while releasing the Note towards the end. The new S20 series devices are packed with extraordinary cameras and […]

How to Fix “ARK” Crashing Issues on Windows 10

“ARK: Survival Evolved” is a popular game that provides various features and missions to attract players. Everyone wants to play “ARK” to the end, if the player starts as it is very easy to play. But sometimes, while playing on Windows 10, players find crashing issues while getting it started. In most cases, these crashing […]

Resident Evil: Planned Monsters that never Appeared in the Franchise

The science-fiction horror film series is based on the video game with the same name developed by Capcom Survival still gets a lot of appraise from the fans. The principal characters of the film involved Alice, who played the role of former security specialist and a secret agent battling against the Umbrella corporations. Among other […]

Final Fantasy 14: Online New Patch 5.2, Challenges, and Release Date

Finally, SQUARE ENIX has announced the release date of the new Final Fantasy 5.2 Patch Notes. On February 18, the new Patch Notes alongside new challenges will be released. This adventure game will provide now many new ultimate challenges that millions of players were waiting for. The title of the new Patch Note 5.2 will […]

How to Install macOS Catalina 10.15.4 Beta 1 on Mac

MacOS Catalina will be introducing with the latest features which require testing before they will be a launch to the public. Apple is offering the early version of the macOS that drop to developers as they may check app against it then prepare it for Mac owners. If you want to download and install macOS […]

How to Install tvOS 13.4 Beta Version 1 on Apple TV

Apple solely releases the software and develop the operating system of the devices. Every device that Apple makes has its own operating system be it iPhone, iPad, and Mac or Apple TV device. The operating system of the iPhone or iPad is way different than Apple TV. Installing tvOS in Apple TV is different and […]