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About Author: I am a Blogger and Designer .My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in programming and education.

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Cannot Download Photo from your iCloud Library? Here are the Fixes

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service that was revealed on October 12, 2011. iCloud Photos automatically stores all pictures and videos the users take in iCloud, so they can access their library from any device, anytime they want. While it works seamlessly most of the time, at times, users get this ‘There […]

Season 11 Of The Walking Dead Release Date

Recently, AMC declared that Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last season ever. The Walking Dead team has hinted that some part of the extended final season will be released next year. The series is based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead. It is a post-apocalyptic […]

The Best Daisy Player on the Planet Dominates Rivals While Cosplaying

Shimizu Umeki Masaki showed his incredible dexterity when he cosplayed Peach-clone during one of his streams. He is regarded by many as one of the best Daisy players on the planet. His Daisy skills are insane, and he has victories over one of the best players in the region. The Japanese Smash Ultimate Pro has […]

How to Get Gold for Free in Spellbreak

It’s been a golden era for the battle royale video game genre. Over the year, we have witnessed the arrival of various Battle royale video games; however, quite a few of them have managed to succeed. Following this, Proletariat develops Spellbreak, a new video game in the battle royale lineup. The game was released on […]

How to Share Movies Anywhere with Screen Pass?

Now you can give temporary access to all your favorite movies to friends or family with Screen Pass. In this article, we have mentioned the steps on how you can share movies with others anywhere, anytime. The service named Movies Anywhere offers you local storage to digitally store the movies that you have purchased through […]

Seven Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Your Presentation Needs

Whether you are a student or a business owner, presentation plays a significant role in our lives. One of the most reliable tools for making presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. But sometimes, PowerPoint presentations can be dull and ordinary. However, you can use other alternatives to PowerPoint for creating visually appealing presentations. In this article, we […]

HBO Max Likely to Introduce Ad-Based Subscription Plan

HBO Max, the relatively new streaming service from WarnerMedia, has been able to get more than 4 million subscribers in just one month of its launch. It is not surprising since it already had a lot of hype built into much before it was actually even launched. The premiere of Snyder Cut of Justice League […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Streaming

Every year we spend a large amount of money on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, etc. But do you know there are many things you can do to save your money on these platforms? Keeping this in mind, we are sharing with you five tips that you can use to save your money on […]

The Veil of Secrecy Surrounding the Cast of Mandalorian Season 2

It is reported that the secrecy has reached an apex point as the cast have been told to come to set wearing black cloaks resembling popular antagonists Sith Lords from Star Wars universe. Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s star Rosario Dawson and the Riddick famed actress Katee Sackhoff have been rumored to appear in […]

Marvel’s Avengers: Top Builds for Iron Man

The official release of Marvel’s Avengers is ready to give a positive hope to numerous players. The beta version of the game was full of bugs, and fans were quite disappointed with that. However, fans still want to play this game because of the comic characters like Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, Hulk, and Thor. Players […]