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Twitter Now Lets You Schedule Tweets from its Web App

Now, Twitter will allow its users to send their tweets from its prime web app. Whenever the users compose a tweet, they would see an icon of a Calendar. The users can schedule their tweet with a gentle click on the Calendar icon. Twitter proclaimed about this feature through their official Twitter Support handle. […]

Searching and Playing Breakout Easter Egg on Google Search

The Atari Breakout game remained hidden for so many years. The game is available on Google search if you want to play. Here is how you can find and play it in the year 2020. If users are knowing, then there is a game called Breakout developed by Atari available on Google search for many […]

Instagram Drops DM Test After Complaints from the Users

The heart-bursting animation of Instagram has vanished from the screens. No one knows the exact reasons. Recently, Instagram has back-peddled heart-bursting animations, which is quite amusing. The social media platform has started rolling out these animations, but soon Instagram was forced to bury the idea. Amidst all, it seems the team of Instagram has received […]

Google Messages to Finally Add End-to-End Encryption for RCS

An internal analysis says that the latest update in the process. Google Messages are about to introduce the encryption feature for RCS, which will be end to end. 9to5 Google confirmed the news regarding the introduction of RCS through APKMirror. RCS or Rich Communication Services is set to offer everything that most of the text messaging services do will succeed in […]

Twitter’s New Limiting-replies Feature Will Arrive Soon

Twitter is about to add a new feature to its service, and currently, they are still testing it. The feature will grant the users to choose their ideal audience who can repost or reply to their tweets. The following news has been issued by Twitter itself on 20th May 2020. The company stated that they are […]

Instagram Users Can Now See When They Are Broadcasting Music They Can’t Use

Instagram has come up with instructions to not use copyrighted music in stories, posts, and live videos. According to the reports, Instagram has added a new update to its app that will inform the users whenever they try to use copyrighted music. The update will help the users to prevent their posts or story from getting restricted. […]

Instagram Vs. TikTok: Which One is Better for Karaoke and Singing?

Both TikTok and Instagram offer fascinating features based on music. However, it is difficult to decide which one is the best when it comes to karaoke and singing. TikTok and Instagram offer karaoke and singing features; however, both apps may differ in terms of user experience. It is necessary to understand the difference between fundamental […]

Twitter to Fix its Retweet Issues

Twitter is changing the retweet displays, a move that has been for over the past few years. This could improve how people interact on the platform. Twitter is modifying the ways of displaying retweets along with comments. The changes going to be introduced by Twitter will address the long-anticipated issue. Twitter is the most popular […]

Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms 2020

As we have stepped into a more technology-based market world, content marketing has achieved a whole new level. It is all about promoting your business/organization by posting informative and entertaining content to add more value to your target audience’s life and eventually encourage a purchase. Content Marketing platforms refer to the software that enables […]

Amazon to Add the New Section ‘Free’ to Fire TV Main Menu

Streaming shows without subscriptions Amazon is very soon going to add anew sectionknown as ‘Free’to the main menu of Fire TV. With this step, the users are going to find it much easier to watch movies and other entertainment programs on the Fire TV of Amazon. Moreover, the users will now be able to stream […]