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How to Turn Off Bixby on Galaxy S10

Bixby comes as your assistant if you own a Samsung Galaxy S10. Bixby assists you on almost everything in operating of your phone. The feature recognizes more than hundred commands. From playing a specific music to turning off the device, Bixby obeys your every voice command. Besides this, several users do not prefer Bixby on […]

How To Make A Flowchart In Microsoft Word

Making flowcharts in Word is quite easy for some Windows users but not for others. Flowchart allows you insert shapes in a Word document and enables you to modify the document according to your preferences. If you are amongst the users who do not know how to make a flowchart in Word then you have […]

How to Transfer Music from a Computer to Your iPhone

If you want to know how to transfer music from a PC to an iOS device, then you have come to the right place. Let’s see how the process goes. Setting Up Your Device to Transfer the Music Before you start the transfer process first, you need to set up your device and tweak some […]

How to Use Microsoft Photos in Windows 10?

Luckily, Microsoft Photos application is entirely free of cost for the users of Windows 10. This powerful application can be used for plenty of reasons such as for viewing, editing, and so on. To know about it in more detail, go through this blog carefully. Note: This blog is applicable to the users of Microsoft […]

How To Use Google To Locate Your Lost Android Phone

If by chance you lose your Android phone, then do not panic. After all, Google’s ‘Find My Device’ feature allows you to know the location of your phone. You can even lock your phone immediately or can clear it thoroughly so that none of your private information gets compromised. The method of setting up Google […]

How to Transfer Candy Crush Progress to Your New Device

Smartphones are not only used for making or receiving calls but often used for playing video games. One of the most played games on the smartphone is Candy Crush. This game can be played anywhere no matter if you are traveling, working, or chilling. Candy Crush is a highly addictive game. But what if you […]

How to Fix ATKEX_cmd.exe Has Stopped Working

Many users are reporting that they are continuously getting the ATKEX_cmd.exe has stopped working error on their computer. Other users are complaining that they are facing this error while trying the demand app, such as rendering a video or playing any game. If you are one of them, then follow the instructions mentioned below to […]

How to Fix Apple Mail and BT Internet “Won’t Send Emails”

For many users, the BT internet router, which helps them to share email through the Apple Mail, suddenly stop working correctly on their Mac. Many users are facing this issue and they can be fixed this issue by following the instructions mentioned below. Here’s how to fix Apple Mail and BT internet “Won’t Send Emails” […]

How to Convert a Picture of Data into MS Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft has a tool for Android and iOS users to convert their pictures of data into MS Excel Spreadsheets. With the Insert Data from Picture tool in Excel, you can click a snap of data in columns and rows on a piece of paper. The Android and iOS Excel app will automatically change the image data […]

How to Make Time-Lapse in a Video using the iMovie App

Time-Lapse is a handy feature, and it is used to boost the playback speed in a movie or video. Think if you want to make a clip of clouds, which are moving rapidly in the sky, to get that effect in your clip, you will need to enhance the playback speed. Time-Lapse is a technique […]