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Everything You Need to Know About How to Stop Social Media Addiction but Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Social media has tremendously reduced the gap and have brought people around the world near to each other. While growing up we did not know that we will ever use these platforms let alone being dependent on them. Although there are many benefits of social media but due to excessive use the disadvantages have overweighed […]


Today in London, a highly organized press conference was held in which all the well-known media houses were invited for coverage.  At this conference, all the well-knowing personalities of the present time were present for the inauguration of a new website that is going to help students for solving their several issues online. Many writing […]

Some hygienic tid-bits for the coming summer

Since summer is practically around the corner, you have to observe that you ought to be prepared once it arrives. The midyear brings a warm breeze and here in the UAE, we experience occasional dust storm, alongside high temperatures. Being able to clean your home without anyone else’s input or requesting proficient cleaning services in […]

All you need to know about Jacking & Skidding

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the other cities in the UAE region are not that far behind in terms of infrastructure development. From the world’s largest malls, to world’s tallest buildings and even world’s fastest roller coaster Dubai is a wonderful place to be. While […]

6 important things to remember while writing a poetry

Poetry is an amazing art of writing that not everyone can understand. It is a great emotional outlet and creative way of expressing one’s perspectives. Among many, there are only a few writers who can actually write poetry others just keep writing blindly without considering what it actually takes to write it and label it as […]

Simple and easy ways to blow stress away from your workplace

Researches have shown clear results that a high percentage of Americans is dealing with stress and depression at workplaces and with every single day, it is getting higher and higher. The pressure of work, fear of losing good performance, and the heavy burden of tasks that need to be done perfectly eat workers’ heart out. You […]

The Beginner’s guide to becoming an Inspiring Creative Writer

What exactly is Creative Writing? Is there a definite definition of creative writing? You should have Googled it but have found it challenging to know the exact answer. If you were a beginner, the answers must be disappointing. Don’t worry. This guide will prove sufficient to make you understand the tips and tricks to master […]

How to Achieve Outstanding grades in Descriptive Essays?

Are you facing the challenge of crafting a critical descriptive essay? Many students face the similar issue. Descriptive essays can be tough to tackle. In descriptive essays, you have to write on a person, an adventure or a particular situation. Every student wants to reach a professional and request to write essay for me. What […]

Beginners guide to write an impressive editorial essay

Term editorial essay refers to the newspaper article that is based on author’s analysis about a certain topic. Editorial essays deal with the social, political, environmental and economic issues. It is written like an essay but in nature, it is very close to research paper.  Writing an editorial is an interesting but a tricky job. […]

Effective Ways to Improve Writing Skills

Mostly, students have difficulties in acquiring functional writing skills. Writing is a complex skill, but it’s essential in order to get success in school and college. Acquiring professional writing skills help students to do better in essays, assignments, exams, and so on. Effective writing skills are helpful to achieve international scholarships as students have to […]