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Researchers Expose The Microsoft Office Bug That Can Get Installed Through The Word Documents

Microsoft Office Users are vulnerable to a security threat of malware as indicated by research. The highly popular tech giant gives office com setup to users for performing variable tasks of daily life. The indication of bug associated with word document seems to be a threat to users. The bug is not yet resolved and is a […]

Microsoft Rethinks Decision Of Forcing Bing Search For Office 365

Microsoft has revised the decision of making forceful installation of Bing for Office 365 ProPlus users as announced on the 22nd of January. The office com setup provider Microsoft has considered their decision and announced that the Microsoft Search in Bing Google Chrome extension will not be forcibly installed. By targeting the monthly channel Microsoft […]

For Office Insiders on Windows, Microsoft releases Office Build 12527.20040

A new office build for office insiders on windows has been released by the to facilitate the user with various bugs. There are multiple fixes and solutions done to the long issues of MS application. The new Office Build 12527.20040 also has an essential new feature for accessing it. The application of MS Office can be […]

Microsoft Office 365 Update Automatically Switches Chrome Users to Bing

Microsoft has announced that Bing will become the new default search engine for the present users of chrome. An extension for Microsoft search in Bing will be installed to make Bing as the automatic search engine with the Microsoft office 365 ProPlus update. The decision of Microsoft has come with mixed reviews for the clients. […]

Make A Brochure in MS Office In Simple And Easy Steps

A brochure is a tool used to create awareness about activities related to business, events, and products. They come with the flexibility to give information about a product or event in an attractive way. One can easily create brochures from different application software programs. However, MS office given by is a platform to create attractive brochures […]

Simple Methods to Add Gmail to Your Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an efficient component of which is used for mailing purposes. Now you can easily access the Gmail related mails in your Outlook. It is effortless to add the provision of Gmail for Outlook with easy steps. You can look at these given below guidelines for setting up Gmail in your Microsoft outlook. Enabling the Feature […]

Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot Something Went Wrong Error in Office

Microsoft office is competitive all in one package deal that provides an excellent computation of tasks which helps save time. The gets used by many companies and personal users who do many day to day tasks. Some issues occur related to office program, such as the error that states something went wrong Office cannot be started. […]

Quick Fixes for Resolving the Office Error Code 0-9

Microsoft is a big company when it comes to technology, and they have produced amazing products that have served the customer for decades. The is one of their creations that allows the users to create presentations and documents along with h analytical reports. Numerous clients, whether personal or corporate use the packages, although the software is […]

Easy Fixes for Resolving the Microsoft Office Error Code 30174-4

Microsoft office is a task computing software that facilitates advanced editing features to the users. Microsoft has provided its services over the years to numerous private users and companies. Microsoft office has increased the productivity drastically as it has become an indispensable part of the routine. There are issues related to, such as the error […]

November 2019 Office Security Updates Have Been Released by Microsoft

Microsoft has released the security updates for November 2019; it comprises of 17 updates along with cumulative updates for products. Many of these updates can patch the flaws related to unauthorized access. For downloading the security-related updates for the office packages installed on your systems, you will require clicking the corresponding information article, you can […]